Amasunzu (circa 1923)

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Rwandan man with Amasunzu hairstyle, 1923.

Rwandan man with Amasunzu hairstyle, 1923.

It’s like a giant brain-sucking leech. I want one.
Oh wait…

[Image, caption, and more about the hairstyle here.]

Potato Couch & Vice Versa

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Potato Couch

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On Drafting Geometries.

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Rafael Araujo‘s work blows me away considering it’s hand-drafted and not computer-generated (unless he traced it and hand-lettered it). Either way, it’s killer manual drafting, and some day I’d like to talk to him about it.

[Confidential to R. Araujo – I saw what you did there. – Bunk]

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“Release the Kraken.”

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Back Light

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The Saturday Matinee – To All The U.S. Cubano Families Who Just Got Chumped

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Yep. The American Flag now flies over the U.S. Embassy in a country dedicated to the abolishment of the one form of government that is guaranteed to bring its denizens out of poverty, i.e., capitalism.

I pity those who think that capitalism is a bad thing, for they’ve been deceived and lied to, and the people who suffered under Castro’s brutal and oppressive regime are unable to speak.

Except for a very few, and I’ve met some of them. They’re not happy about this at all because they remember what happened to themselves and their families when the communists took over.

So where do we go from here?


The Cuban sound is a mixture of Spanish, African and European styles, an eclectic mix that blends well. Meanwhile, here’s another great Cuban:

Steven Stills & Manassas. Stills wanted to become one of The Monkees prior to his days with CSN&Y, but he was rejected for contract conflicts. It probably had something to do with being a Cuban, like this orchestra:

In case you didn’t click the link last time around, that’s Prague’s Talichova Komorní Filharmonie in 2012 performing a classic song by the late Cuban composer Frank Zappa.

Have a great weekend, folks. See you back here tomorrow.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 401 – AutoKiss, Labrador Smackdown & Blue Ball Doggie

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Labrador Shark Take Down


[Found here, here and here, and yeah, I looped the last one.]

Advertisement Postcard For A Convalescent Home

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Let's All Sit Together

All against the wall.

Nothing funny about this.
Take care of your elders and NEVER abandon them. They took care of you, and now it’s your turn to return the favor.

Never forget what they did for you.

[Found here, via here.]

φ + φ

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Nautilus Shells 1947 Edward Weston

φ =\tfrac{1 + \sqrt{5}}{2} \approx 1.618033988749894848204586834

φ is the best number derived since π .

[Image found here.]

Bat sees you. Bat is not amused.

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[Found here.]

Oh gawd. It’s that obnoxious goat song from “The Sound Of Music” again.

Monday, 10 August 2015 by

Gawd. It's that obnoxious song from Sound of Music again

[Found here.]


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