LOL Possums II



[Originally posted, with story, by Bunk Strutts on SNTC; Related post here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

8 thoughts on “LOL Possums II”

  1. This actually happened to my cat (long since died of old age) many long years ago. He was a feral orange cat that I used to feed on the porch and house in my basement. I’d let him outside whenever he liked; he wouldn’t go into the rest of the house because he didn’t like being around the other cats I had at that time.

    One time, there was a GIGANTIC possum on the front porch, eating out of my cat’s bowl. He had the sense not to challenge the possum, but I could see from his body language just how disgusted he was. So I just put out a second bowl for my cat.


  2. Jeremy– Possums are good news around here. They clean up the cat crap, eat snails and slugs. We used to have snails leaping across the lawn after watering it until the possums showed up. If you’re pluggin’ ’em, you better be eatin’ ’em.


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