Vincent Lamouroux’s Contribution to the World: The Pentacycle





According to the source:

“The »Pentacycle« (2002) is a vehicle constructed specifically for the abandoned railway Aérotrain near Orléans built in the seventies. By Vincent Lamouroux.”

Needs bigger gearing, glasspacks, cheater slicks with baby moons, a place to stash some beer, oh yeah and a seat with a second seat for a big bad mama with tattoos. I’d ride it, knowing that nothing is gonna be coming the other way for miles except the only other Pentacycle in the universe… And if my Pentacycle was equipped the way it oughta be, I’d laugh and make him swerve.

Too bad Lamouroux’ website is so artsy-fartsy, but it’s still kinda interesting.

[Image and caption from VVORK.]

2 Responses to “Vincent Lamouroux’s Contribution to the World: The Pentacycle”

  1. Slippy Lane Says:

    That sucka’s just beggin to have a big ol’ gas turbine strapped to the back of it. And lose the little girl pedals off the front wheel too. 🙂

  2. Bunk Says:


    You mean kinda like this?

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