Another Great Gift Idea: Rubik’s Primers



Bet your friend that after he scrambles the puzzle, that you can get the green side on the bottom and the red side on the top in less than 10 seconds. Hints on how to do this and other feats of amazement are included in the booklet (included for $1.00 extra).

[Image from NoPuedoCreer.]

2 Responses to “Another Great Gift Idea: Rubik’s Primers”

  1. diesel Says:

    I’m still not sure I could do it.

  2. Bunk Says:

    Funny… that’s what your last girlfriend told me… before you got married, I mean. Um, not to be rude or anything, but, ah, well, you know. But, I mean, You Rock, Bro! Mostly. Kinda. I mean, like, you woulda been akismet spam 1,113 if it wasn’t for me.

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