Don’ gimme none dat JibbaJabba, son. I ain’t no April Foo, Foo.


“Ah calt fo FersClass ONLY. You not FersClass. We not takin’ no SekkaClass or ThirClass scum lack you. Git you butt back doodah Stahbux Lan, Foo.”


Good God. Here’s how to train your offspring to avoid a nasty confrontation with Mr. T. Get your infant used to him early with this crib mobile. By the time your tad turns two, if he/she gets outta line, all you gotta say is, “I ain’t takin’ no mo’ Jibba Jabba!” and he/she will understand immediately and go straight to nap time, in the driveway gravel if necessary.


Just in case you didn’t know, Mr. T don’ take no poop from nobody in any language, except for maybe Chuck Norris. Chuck doesn’t take it from anybody either, except for maybe Mr. T.

Finicky Penguin helps you decide for yourselves with his awesome collections here and here. Don’t forget here.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

7 thoughts on “Don’ gimme none dat JibbaJabba, son. I ain’t no April Foo, Foo.”

  1. I love that T Mobile pic…funny. I’ve been taking poop from my neighbors for years and it’s piling pretty high in the backyard. Great for the garden but I’d like to not take poop anymore…it gets old having to wash my hands from carrying it to the backyard all the time. Maybe I should get a haircut like Mr. T and a beard like Chuck…


  2. Kitty– Thanx for the kudos. You are hereby awarded the accolades of TR Fan of the Week No. 1.

    VE– “If one accepts poop just once without returning it graciously, one will accumulate more times a factor of ten and in a short amount of time.” –Bunk Strutts 1979


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