If the statistics are correct, this post should generate some traffic, only because of the title. For those of you who typed in “LOL STAINED GLASS FERRET BABE BATMOBILE,” I sincerely apologize for the bait and switch. Actually, if you hunt around this site, you can find “LOL STAINED GLASS FERRET BABE BATMOBILE” links.

One of the fun things about hosting a website like this is that you get to view statistics. Here are seach engine terms with the number of folks who used them to find Tacky Raccoons, intentionally or otherwise. (Lookit, 29 people googled “heterochromia” and wound up here, and each one of them hoped that it had something to do with sex and colors.)

Here’s the list to date, and I hope they all found what they wanted.

Search Views
lol 4,700
stained glass 1,505
ferret 1,091
babe 795
batmobile 724
possum 494
possums 408
mission viejo 323
mud girl 259
lol ferret 198
lol ferrets 191
wavy gravy 186
raccoons 185
muddy girl 125
magnet 115
connect one 100
ferrets 95
mr t 88
glastonbury mud 80
gif animations 78
eyeglass 77
tgif gif 70
ferret pictures 68
mr. t 68
mission viejo, ca 65
homeland security 63
lunch lady 57
mission viejo california 47
hippies 43
lol cats 42
lol possum 40
funny hippie 36
ferret lol 35
lake mission viejo 34
mission viejo ca 33
ziggy 33
stained 33
how to do sudoku fast 33
elvis impersonators 32
lol pics 32
lol pictures 31
heterochromia 29
hippie 29
tacky raccoons 27
action figure 27
mission viejo, california 27
turkish toilet 26
meh 26
cool gif animations 24
douglas az 24

2 Responses to “LOL STAINED GLASS FERRET BABE BATMOBILE: Statistics in Action”

  1. Pete Aldin Says:

    Turkish Toilet????

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Pete!– Didn’t know you were still sniffing around these parts. Yepm there’s a turkish toilet shown in here.

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