Saturday Matinee: ?, Frank, James, Tina, plus Booker, Steve & Duck


? and the Mysterians’ “96 Tears” was a classic. Rudy “?” Martinez (vocals), Bobby Balderrama (guitar), Frank Rodriquez (organ), Frank Lugo (bass) and Eddie Serrato (drums) were from Saginaw Michigan, according to BillBoard’s Top Pop Singles (which categorizes them as a punk band — go figger).

I learned “Question Mark’s” real name years ago from a black girl who played bass left-handed without re-stringing.  She said her mom went to school with him.

I’m embarrassed to even include this clip of “The Riddler” from the obnoxious Batman TV series.  Okay, no I’m not.  Deal with it.  Frank Gorshin was the best as the Riddler, but even I didn’t make it through this clip.  Lemme know how it comes out.

Frank Gorshin plays chicken in the 1956 movie “Hot Rod Girl.”

Okay, let’s drop this hot rod question mark stuff right now. Gonna have a SHINDIG!

Oh, man, this is a load o’ gold raised from the pits of hits, so hold on to your stax o’ wax and move to the groove of SHINDIG!  Good God!  Too hot to handle and too cold to hold, so cash in this golden goodie for a Woodie, ’cause here’s a sample o’ soul times infinity! If you don’t know who’s playin’, then I’m not sayin’!  ROLL IT!

2 Responses to “Saturday Matinee: ?, Frank, James, Tina, plus Booker, Steve & Duck”

  1. Sue Dunham Says:

    Good one!
    I don’t remember Shindig being that cool, but there it is. In glorious black and white too.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    “Do you remember Hullaballoo? UpBeat, Shindig and Ed Sullivan, too?”
    (The Ramones, RockNRoll Radio.)

    “Where the Action Is” was another one.

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