Babe Magnet Sharky


Well lookee here. We haven’t posted a Babe Magnet in a while, but this excellent Sharkmobile hit the radar screen door with a resounding splat heard ’round the  cul-de-sac. That it’s bleached and beached and unblocked on redneck ramps makes this mako all the more dangerous.  Pure efficient genius. THIS is a mean machine.

Sharkmobile is a True Babe Magnet. There are only three things that could make it better:

1.  A synchronized hydraulic system to allow it to leap and thrash through the asphaltic concrete surf of the metropoli of Northern California;

2.  A bass-heavy sound system broadcasting The Obvious Theme Song;

3.  Leggy bimbos with silicone implants in short shorts, oozing around the awesome parts (of the vehicle).

The drawback is that the owner has a ponytail and is possibly nicknamed “Skye,”  but that only affects the babe magnetage factor by -1 in this case. The creator of this Flathead 6 Isurus Paucus has a coolaborator and a website here.

[Found here. The story behind Telstar Logistics is pretty cool, too.  Our Archive of Babe Magnets are here.]

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