Rams vs. Patriots Hot Links


About JFK’s sister…

Orca baits birds [via].

THIS is how I use the Waze App.

Dogs hate these smells [via]. Now prove it.

On eating chili, playing foosball and “white privilege.”

No.1 is easy to guess; not No.50. State and local tax collection per capita for fiscal year 2016 [via].

According to one source, Ariana Grande’s new tatt ‘七輪’ means Japanese style bbq grill (or “tambourine” according to Google Translate).

Some moron in Phoenix Arizona actually complained to a restaurant manager about an historic photograph of Welsh miners in a pub. I’d like to hear his take on this one.

[Top .gif compiled from Rams & Patriots helmet design/logo history found in here.]

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2 Responses to “Rams vs. Patriots Hot Links”

  1. dave drake Says:

    So the coal miner photo was explained, and the “upset” people were still upset because they only could see “blackface.” Idiots never get it. Great post.


  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    dave drake: Thanks for the kudos.
    I’m not here to inflame, but stupidity and ignorance should be called out for what it is: STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE. What scares me the most is that those who are promoting it are neither stupid nor ignorant – they know exactly what they’re doing – and many people are buying into it.


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