Saturday Matinee – Claude Fontaine, Jerry Reed & CSN&Y – Kent State Day

Bunkessa suggested I post Claude Fontaine. Nice stereotypical reggae groove, but her fake wispy voice kinda turns me off. I’d rather hear this. Jerry Reed was a hoot. Then something happened on 4 May 1970 and a bunch of morons chimed in, like these guys: Took me a long time to realize that CSN&Y were … Continue reading “Saturday Matinee – Claude Fontaine, Jerry Reed & CSN&Y – Kent State Day”

4 May 1970 Kent State – Remember Always

Remember Always that this atrocity was planned and choreographed, not by students of Kent State University, not by the City of Kent Police Department, not by the Governor of Ohio, not by the Ohio National Guard, and not by the Nixon administration. Many poor decisions were made by people in charge in the days leading … Continue reading “4 May 1970 Kent State – Remember Always”

Remember Kent State – 4 May 1970

  Remember Always Who Set It Up and Who Paid The Price It began when left-wing activists from off-campus arrived by bus on Friday May 1 1970 to host a May Day protest rally. Kent State, a small university in northeast Ohio, had been chosen. Related posts with links and commentary:

May 4 1970 – Remember Kent State

It all started when anti-war protesters from off-campus showed up by Friday, 1 May 1970 to host a May Day protest rally. That night, a handful of idiots decided that it was a good idea to get drunk and start trashing Water Street. The police quelled the violence within an hour. The Police Department contacted … Continue reading “May 4 1970 – Remember Kent State”