2022 & 2021 Grumpkins

The missus butchered this year’s Grumpkin in record time, and not a single tricker treater showed up last night. On the plus side, we have about month’s worth of Reese’s and I know where they’re hidden. For some reason, our last year’s Grumpkin butchery was never posted, so here it is: Previous years’ Strutts  Grumpkins … Continue reading “2022 & 2021 Grumpkins”

All Hallow’s Eve Grumpkins – A Retrospective

Our Grumpkins were known to make dogs bark and little kids cry. A red Sharpie marker, a serrated boning knife and Tom Waits’ “Bone Machine” / Mickey Hart’s “Planet Drum” blasting through the neighborhood made it all worthwhile. The neighborhood kids are all grown up now…

Bunk’s Grumpkins 2009

Dang. Lost my boning knife so I had to wing it with a serrated steak knife instead.  Grumpkin on the right lost an eye due to that unfortunate handicap, but Ms. Spaulding came out better than expected. Two freestyle grumpkins in 75 minutes is a decent crank, though.

What in the Samhain Hot Links

Cantina Blues, Kevin MacLeod (2008)His music is ubiquitous, he’s composed 1,000s of tunes and soundtrack material, and, because of his disdain for copyrights, he gives it away. Some of MacLeod’s work is free for download on his website, and a documentary is coming. BOOGAH BOOGA! Spooky Eye Cheeseball. The Annual Pumpkin Roll. Halloween decoration fails. … Continue reading “What in the Samhain Hot Links”

Bunk’s 2015 Halloween Grumpkin

Took me about 30 minutes. Looks nice and menacing, ya? Trouble is, there’s this thing called “scale” that kinda ruined it all. I’ve done better, but given that we only had about five groups of sugarboogers, the amount of time and effort was not squandered. It also looks like our neighbors’ kikmi dog (that barks … Continue reading “Bunk’s 2015 Halloween Grumpkin”