The .Gif Friday Post No.494 – Hedgehogs on Inflatable Flamingos, Blooming Owl & Bear In The Box

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Inflatable Cow Head. Why the F not.

[via] Hungarian artist Géza Szöllősi is someone I’d like to meet, if only to ask, “What the hell’s wrong with you?” Here’s a guy sitting around surfing the internet on taxidermy and a lightbulb goes off in his head. “Hey guys! Check it out! I’m gonna put a basketball bladder into a cow’s head!” and … Continue reading “Inflatable Cow Head. Why the F not.”

Neovitalistic Hot Links

 Thunderbirds, A. Aallon Rytmiorkesteri (2000) A. Aallon, also known as A. Aalto and A. Aalto’s Rhythm Orchestra, is an iskelmä (pop) music group from Ylöjärvi, Finland.  Interesting mix of styles, but this particular space western surf instrumental struck a chord with me. Man O’ War. Mandelbulbs. Sumo floaties. The Proposal. [h/t Bunkerville] Want a farm … Continue reading “Neovitalistic Hot Links”

Bullock-Skin Boats

This is some twenty miles from Maldera, up in the hill country of the Punjab. The mountain river here is deep and swift; you can see ahead how high, steep banks wall it in and you can judge how pouring rains, draining from such slopes, would turn this stream into a fiercely raging torrent. These … Continue reading “Bullock-Skin Boats”

OrismologIcal Hot Links

A Little Change, Cam Cole 2019 Demo CDThat’s not a band. He’s one guy, a street performer, with videos. One fried egg. Tornado omelet. Surprised octopussy. 100 YEARS OF SLIDERS! Historic bus stop shelter. THIS thread is a must read. Gelmerbahn descent in real time. “Let’s go. You’re singing it wrong.” Who was known as … Continue reading “OrismologIcal Hot Links”

Tegestological Hot Links

Four Or Five Times, King Oliver’s Dixie Syncopators (1928). Had trouble identifying this song (untitled file name) and King Oliver apparently recorded more than one version (perhaps with his Creole Jazz Band). Others recorded this song about the same time including McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orchestra and Ben Pollack & The Whoopee … Continue reading “Tegestological Hot Links”