A Humble Request.

[See below for updates.]


My sister spent several days immobile on the floor of her apartment recently. Her longtime friend realized that something was wrong and he called the paramedics. She was hospitalized in mid-April, had a sudden heart attack on Easter Day, 21 April. She was later discharged to a care facility within the same medical complex.

We still don’t know what caused all of this. She has no medical insurance, and there is no designated financial Power of Attorney.

Her mental state is slowly improving, but she’s unable to make cognitive decisions. She has a long way to go physically as well.

Hopefully she’ll fully recover, but we have no way of knowing how long that’s going to take. Her medical caregivers can’t give a timeline either. Maybe she’ll recover, maybe she’ll recover partially, and maybe she won’t recover at all.

We’ve set up a GoFundMe account for Suzanne to offset her monthly expenses for rent, water and power to her apartment with the hope that she can return; meanwhile we’re waiting for long-term prognosis. We’re considering pursuing legal Guardianship as a last resort.

Here’s the link to Suzanne’s GoFundMe page. Any amounts are appreciated, and if you choose to contribute, please do so anonymously.

If you can’t afford to contribute, please don’t. This is not a pressure campaign.

Bill (aka Bunk)

19 May 2019 Update: There have been some improvements physically and mentally. Suzanne still has a feeding tube, an IV for antibiotics, and needs to wear “mittens” to keep her from pulling them out. She’s somewhat coherent but still drifts. Recovery is going to take a while, and we’re praying that it comes soon.

27 May 2019 Update: Suzanne’s feeding tube was removed, and the doctors replaced it with a PEG. She can speak clearly now. I spoke with her on the phone for the first time since she’d been hospitalized and she told me all about the weather… she was reading it from the scroll on the TV even though the scroll was about tornados and hail in Oklahoma, not Ohio. I’ll take that as a plus.

08 June 2019 Update: Suzanne’s making slow progress. She’s able to stand and walk a bit with assistance. Mentally, it appears she’s still in the grey zone, still has to wear mittens or wrist restraints. Oh, and she got a hair cut.2019-06-05 Suzanne

12 June 2019 Update: Medicaid is demanding that Suzanne provide documentation of US Citizenship within 90 days. Her driver’s license doesn’t count.

27 June 2019 Update: Suzanne’s learning how to walk again. We spoke with her last weekend and she sounded just like her normal self, although she’s still a bit confused. She knows she still has some mental problems to overcome, and I think that’s a plus.

2019-07-06 Suzanne in Madeira

06 July 2019 Update: Suzanne has graduated from Special Care and was moved to a local skilled nursing facility yesterday. She has improved both physically and mentally, and her doctor expects “a full recovery.” A doctor wouldn’t say that if he didn’t believe it. Not sure how long that’s going to take, but we’re paying her rent on her apartment out of pocket for now. Any donations are appreciated as the GoFundMe account is tapped out.

13 July 2019 Update: We’ve spoken with Suzanne over the phone several times recently, and her personality is intact. She speaks lucidly, jokes, complains, just like her normal self. She’s somewhat aware that her brain plays tricks on her. Sometimes she’s convinced that she’s in other places and in earlier times. Physically she’s doing better.

Meanwhile Medicaid has kicked in. They finally accepted documentation that my sister is a U.S. Citizen.

23 July 2019 Update: We’ve got a setback. Suzanne is unstable on her feet, but decided to get up and open the door to her room and fell. She got some stitches in her forehead and a fractured femur. How can this happen in a skilled nursing facility?

10 August 2019 Update: Suzanne’s fracture was a compression break, and it was reset with a couple of screws. She’s scheduled to have her PEG and colostomy tubes removed this week. That means her insides have healed.

She’s talkative and coherent, yet still has some confusion about where she is and where she’s been. The progress is slow, but there is improvement, and Reese’s Cups appear to be part of her therapy.