A Humble Request.


My sister spent several days immobile on the floor of her apartment recently. Her longtime friend realized that something was wrong and he called the paramedics. She was hospitalized in mid-April, had a sudden heart attack on Easter Day, 21 April. She was later discharged to a care facility within the same medical complex.

We still don’t know what caused all of this. She has no medical insurance, and there is no designated financial Power of Attorney.

Her mental state is slowly improving, but she’s unable to make cognitive decisions. She has a long way to go physically as well.

Hopefully she’ll fully recover, but we have no way of knowing how long that’s going to take. Her medical caregivers can’t give a timeline either. Maybe she’ll recover, maybe she’ll recover partially, and maybe she won’t recover at all.

We’ve set up a GoFundMe account for Suzanne to offset her monthly expenses for rent, water and power to her apartment with the hope that she can return; meanwhile we’re waiting for long-term prognosis. We’re considering pursuing legal Guardianship as a last resort.

Here’s the link to Suzanne’s GoFundMe page. Any amounts are appreciated, and if you choose to contribute, please do so anonymously.

If you can’t afford to contribute, please don’t. This is not a pressure campaign.