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The .gif Friday Post No. 80 – Sports?

Friday, 15 May 2009

Long Float_Mogadonia


Excercising FAIL_Creepy 090421

LaserCat_GIF Bin

Folks–  We’ve been posting .gif animations every Friday, and although we’d prefer to give credit, the majority (but not all) of the .gif’s we post are pilfered from a handful of collection sites that give no credit to the original authors.  So here’s a poll.  Lemme know what you think. –Bunk

[Update 21 May 2009 –  When we post images and .gif animations like these, TR usually (but not always) renames and saves them in this format:

Boogedyboogedy_websitefoundat  090521.extention

Name of the image, followed by the name of the site, followed by the date that our crack team of webminers found it, in the format of yr/mo/day, followed by .jpg, gif, etc.  This allows us to archive unpublished images and to credit the sources later. It’s a sloppy but honest way to do it.

To find the hidden sources, all you need to do is hover your cursor over them. Rock on.  –Bunk]

TGIF: The .gif Friday Post 26 – Meowch

Friday, 4 April 2008




1. No cats were hurt during this post.
2. The animations are all contrived.
3. The sources for the .gif’s are clearly identified.
4. Forward this link to everyone on your blogroll.
5. Leave the toilet seat up after you’re done peeing on it.
6. Always flush with your feet.

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