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How do’, folks!
We here at Tacky Raccoons Central enjoy your comments. Leave ’em here and chances are you’ll get a response. Play nice!

And by the way, anyone who types in “Bwa-ha-ha” or “Mwa-ha-ha” shall be blocked from commenting for a minimum of 30 days, as those two inane cliches should be automatically banned from internet usage by default.  Also note that we may not keep track of the 30 days penalty period…  You may be blocked for months. Think about it before you post a comment.

2 thoughts on “Write Bunk”

  1. Hi Bunk,
    (Not sure if I’m doing the mail thing right, so I’m posting this here)

    This is Val from Cool Aggregator. Been following your blog for a while now on my Google reader. Muchly appreciative of the link-backs and have added you to my blogroll — I was surprised that you noticed my site!

    I have a link that you might find cool. PopTok is an IM thingie that lets you insert short video clips in your AIM or MSN chat. So basically you can use actual sound (and video) bites from movies like Scarface, Austin Powers, American Psycho — even Bugs Bunny. Instead of using a frowny-face to get your point across, you use Tony Montana; that’ll show them.

    If PopTok seems like the sort of thing that you might be at all interested in blogging about, I would really appreciate it. And if not, that’s totally ok too. You’re always on my feed, as I scout out teh cool topics…


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