Funky Monkey Babys

Funky Monkey

Album cover from Japan titled “Funky Monkey Babys Last Best.” I’ll leave it up to you to find them on the Utoobage. [h/t Thomas de Bohun]

The Hampers

The Castro Sisters

Okay, that’s not the name of the trio, but that was the first name that came to mind when I saw the album cover.  Looks can be deceiving when we’re talking about crappy album covers. These lovely ladies are The De Castro Sisters, and you can hear them rocking out here.

[Found here.]

Rockin’ Wanda

Rockin' With Wanda

“A collection of great country songs in the rhythmic singing style of WANDA JACKSON.” I thought it might be a ripoff record of Wanda Jackson covers due to the subtitle. Apparently not. This was her 2nd album, recorded in 1960, and she was featured on yesterday’s Saturday Matinee as well.

[Found here.]

Rubber City Record

[Found here.  You catching this, Strider? Got a link to a recording?]


Great Christmas Vinyl

Have a Cartoon Lee Majors Christmas… oop, no, wait:

Have a Tiny Tim Christmas, or not.  But hey! Lookee here:

We wish you all a Bootsy Christmas! And may Santa bring you all the funk you deserve.

[Found here, here and here.]

Raw, um, talent

Thunder Thighs blowupdoll 091012

If that’s not bad enough, you can listen to their “hit” here.  Just remember, there are some things you can’t unhear.

(Here’s our archive of Crappy Album Covers. Don’t miss Strider’s archive, either; he’ll be adding this one shortly.)

[Found here via somewhere else.]

[Update 5 December 2009:  Good god. According to Strider, they had street cred in the UK. Lookee here.]

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