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Kephalonomancing Hot Links

Sunday, 11 April 2021

See See Rider, Janis Joplin (1963) Janis Joplin was 20 years old when she covered the traditional blues song. Ma Rainey was the first to record See See Rider Blues in 1924, but the music and lyrics date to the early 1900s at least. It’s my opinion that the name of the song is a misheard lyric / typo by the publisher, and that C.C. Rider is correct, that “C.C.” stands for “Chitlin’ Circuit” (or “Chitlin’ Café”).

Wash cycle.

The Demon Core.

10 black squirrels.

An easy prediction.

Deep fakes are evil.

Turkey’s drunk baskets.

The Nose: Gallop (Interlude).

Maliwawa macropods and more.

Cool pendant, but what does it mean?

Capitalist by day, anarchist at night.

If I wanted a phone cover I’d get one of these.

CDC: Vaccinated people can ignore social distancing if needed.

[Top image: Old Man on a Swing, 1826, by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828).]

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I’m Dreaming Of A White Hot Links

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Okay, let’s have a poll. Answers are randomized, multiple choices are allowed, all anonymous. Pick your top three, add nominations as you wish.

Holiday Fun: Cat Poop Cookies.

From the ICYMI Department:
Porch Package Theft Payback is brilliant.

The Best Christmas Song Collection ever IMO.

If that’s not The Best Christmas Song Collection ever, THIS IS.

It’s not officially Christmas until I hear this version of Leroy Anderson’s 1946 classic.

From the Fun Facts To Know And Tell Department:
The song “Christmas Is My Time Of Year” was originally recorded in 1968 by the one-off supergroup “The Christmas Spirit” which included members of The Turtles (including Flo & Eddie), The Byrds and Linda Ronstadt. In 1976, an even sappier version was recorded and released by We Three Monkees.

[Top Image: I want to believe that’s a gourd. I really do, but it creeps me right out. These Christmas Tchotckes are very nicely done, but they would have given me nightmares when I was little [via].]


When You Care Enough To Send The Very Hot Links

Sunday, 30 April 2017

How not to dispatch a hornet nest. [Not the same vid posted yesterday.]

Bier Yoga: “We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.”

Got a CD collection? This article opines on what to do with it.

In 2006, Arnold Schwartzeneggar ended global warming in California.

Digging for snakes in Cambodia (Jump to 07:00).

Here’s a Black Racer having a Gran Mal seizure prior to death.

The castle of Sir Harry Delos Andrews.

Two Surprize Puzzle Erasers.

Something is just so wrong with “themed weddings.”


[Top image of dogs on a ceiling found in here.]

Action-Packed Hot Links

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Puddles’ Pity Party website is everything you’d expect, and more.

12 protips on How to Email.

Naked Tickle Me Elmo  creeps me out.

The SJW was a great satirical post for April Fools Day by Maddox. I’d forgotten about his acerbic wit until I had a brief discussion about vegetarianism recently, and remembered his classic comment:
“For every animal you don’t eat, I’m going to eat three.”

There’s a new victim in town. Check your right-handed privilege, folks.

Rare, huge shipworms discovered in the Philippines, and they’re RARE & HUGE [via].

In 1674 London, women petitioned to ban coffee [via]. Why? Here’s a hint:

THe Coffee-house being in truth, only a Pimp to the Tavern, a relishing foop prearative to a fresh debauch: For when people have swill’d themselves with a morning draught of more Ale than a Brewer’s horse can carry, hither they come for a pennyworth of Settle-brain, where they are sure to meet enow lazy pragmatical Companions, that resort here to prattle of NEws, that they neither understand, nor are concerned in; and after an hours impertinent CHat, begin to consider a Bottle of Claret would do excellent well before Dinner; whereupon to the Bush they all march together, till every one of them is as Drunk as a Drum, and then back again to the Coffee-house to drink themselves suber…

Note that at the time of that petition, the midday meal was called “dinner.” Supper came later in the day as a snack before bedtime at sundown.

Street snake attacks biker in Thailand.

Senior Jitterbuggers [via].

Heh. I just rediscovered Missing Missy. Classic trolling at it’s best.

Devo – The Early Years. VHS video is probably from 1977, possibly somewhere near The Spud Fryer.

Michael Crichton critiqued Kurt Vonnegut in 1969, and it’s an interesting read [h/t Octopus].

[Top image from here.] Here’s a compilation of the best action scenes from Uganda’s first action movie Who Killed Captain Alex?  [via].

Two-Faced Four-Eyed Hot Links

Saturday, 3 October 2015

NOT Photoshop
Bear. Stop it. Stop it, Bear. Why are you breaking my kayak? Bear doesn’t speak English. Someone needs to add an instrumental background soundtrack with a heavy walking bass line to this.

This is so wrong. Chuck Berry sings Death Metal.

Regis Philbin and Cathy Lee interview The Ramones [1988].

The Failure Players.

Charles Schulz disliked the name “Peanuts”.

Interesting graph.

Nice catch… using Barbie Gear.

Top image is not a photoshop. Check it out here [via].

Big Ol’ Green Honkin’ Hot Links

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Kermit Afro

Russian landslide is creepy [via].

Vote for Gil Fulbright [via]. He’s as honest as honest can get. Honest.

Vote for Josh. He’s even more honest than Gil.

Yep. Pretty sure that was the first animated .gif.

Conceptual Ambient Sound Art. I made it to 02:45.

This is kinda fun: The Daily Potato News.

Life Is Beautiful (1997) is a movie that everyone of all ages should see IMO.

His great achievement in life involves rolling a ball.
What do you think you are?! I am!” What a dork.

A mile of sheep [via].

THIS is awesome. A Rockabilly tribute to The Ramones.

[Top image of Disco Kermit with a ‘fro from here.]

Bite My Hot Links

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Get Off My Blog_Bite Me Comics 091018

Anyone paying attention to the ongoing LGF soap opera will appreciate Bite Me Comics.  If you’re not, consider yourself fortunate.

Diesel’s book “Mercury Falls” is out on amazon. He’s  a funny guy who helped me get my blogging mojo. (More info here.)

The man who saved billions from starvation who you’ve probably never heard of: Norman Borlaug (1914-2009). Related video here (includes some unnessesary foul language from Penn Gillette).

Turning Number 1. I’ve got no clue what this is all about, but it’s yet more propaganda showing that the guy is always the idiot.

Little kids and the marshmallow torture.

Charlie Rose interviews himself and Steve is not happy. [Found here.]

Just click it. Do it. [Tip o’ the tarboosh to Bordm.]

Another TED video by someone I’ve never heard of talks about perceived value.

How not to get killed or maimed on the golf course (tip from Ken A.).

This page is under construction (via The Presurfer).

Beyond the Valley of the Ultra Hot Links

Sunday, 26 July 2009

It’s a hand made aboriginal novelty fake turd_I Am The Cheese 090721

It’s not what you think it is. Click on the image, then scroll down for fun in the comments section. [Hint: It’s a handmade aboriginal novelty fake turd.]

Diesel’s “Mercury Falls” has a website here.

The Dullest Blog in the World [via].

Hey, this video is kinda funny.

This is a cool visual search dealie [found here].

Guess the nationality. You have 10 seconds per image.  (Bunk did amazingly well and miserably poor at the same time.)

I’m sure we posted this must-see before. Here’s Penn & Teller debunking global warming and environmentalism in general from several years ago.  Forget the language warning, let your kids see it in its entirety.  Click here.

Here’s a potentially life-changing video to watch (before you click here).

Best first page of any book ever (found here). The book’s got some great reviews here.

Ted Nugent NEVER holds back. Click this. [For G.Eagle Esq.]

Quick. What’s the Capitol of Brazil? Wrong. Ivan busts some of the stereotypes.

Military Magazine is a great non-glossy newsprint publication, filled with current affairs and commentary that doesn’t appear in the mainstream media.  Order a free sample copy, and tell ’em Bunk sent you.

One Flew Over the Hot Links

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Ted C

Photo mashup thingy here.
(Guess who it is before you click here.)

Most armpit farts in 30 seconds, viewable at the Universal Record Data Base.

Very cool algorithm experiments to mess with, like this one. [Found via The Presurfer.]

Great blog title with an excellent banner:  Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule.

Root boot, walk like Ent. Can’t describe it any other way.

I wonder what they were playing. CD Players in Space.

Hebebe. Bebe. Hebebebe. (here)

easter-eggsVideo lifted from an Spanish site that lifted from a Russian site that lifted from an American site, featuring Boots Randolph, here.

Bad eggs.  Here.

Who’s Who painting with embedded links here.

Can’t embed LiveLeak on WP, so here’s a link.

Got a small flock of blackbirds that show up once a year to snag the catfood on the patio.  Recognized GimpyBird from last year; he’s got a club foot. Not being a “birder” I found this excellent site to identify the little bastards.

Amy Oops has a new live chat widget on her site. Go here to talk trash about her (or me, as I guest post). When I visited on Thursday, she was spending her day off killing zombies.  The bad kind.

Here’s the Best Zombie Site. (Some NSFW, most NSFK.)


lumachine death skulls_Food-Info dot net

Mad Rectangular Prism Hornets

Sunday, 15 February 2009


YouTomb is a MIT project that tracks deleted YouTube videos and lists the companies that deleted them. [Via Cool Aggregator.]

The Godfather.  Script here.

“Are we there yet?” [Via Woosk.]

Manual of Traffic Signs: W16 Series.

Blatent advertisment:
Need a sexy voice for ads?  Check out Mrs. Strutts’ ex-sister-in-law’s website.

Speaking of voices, Paul Harvey is an American treasure.  I wasn’t aware that he was still broadcasting until Strider found these links.

Very cool collection of photos of ospreys fishing here.

Wanna play with a spider?  Go on and click.

Crooked Brains has lots of cool zippers.

Proud of your handwriting? Turn it into a Font! [via RGF.]

Mira a Pegajoso Mapaches.  Es un sitio web  excelente.

Mad Rectangular Prism Hornets.  Greatest phrase ever coined.

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