Saturday Matinee – Charlie, Ramones, Chantays, Dale, Vaughan

Charlie the Unicorn 3 has prolly been around for a bit.

[Found at Miss Cellania’s Blog ‘o Fury.]

Gotta clean the palate after that one. Hey Ho! Let’s Go!

The Chantays rocked on The Lawrence Welk Show in 1963.

Dick Dale and Stevie Ray Vaughan play “Pipeline.”

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble play Hendrix.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee – Charlie, Ramones, Chantays, Dale, Vaughan”

  1. Stevie Ray and Dick Dale, outstanding. Right up there with Stevie and Jeff Beck doing “Goin’ Down.”–last time I saw both of them live. Speaking of which, if you see Jeff Beck’s current incarnation, he has a smoking hot young babe playing bass–it’s his daughter.


  2. Phil– I never knew SRV ever hooked up with Dick Dale until I stumbled across that vid. As for the Chantays’ “Pipeline.” I found their album at a garage sale in the 70’s. Liner notes said that the oldest was 17, youngest 14, when they recorded their hit.

    cbullitt– Kinda makes you feel old, huh?


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