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Weeki Wachee Mermaids present an all new show featuring “Alice’s” new adventures in the watery depths of the “Spring of Live Mermaids” located on Florida’s West Coast at the Junction of U.S. 19 and Florida 50.

They Wonder Who I Am, Lightnin’ Hopkins (1955) Samuel JohnLightninHopkins (1912-1982) was 8 when he was introduced to the blues by Blind Lemon Jefferson and was inspired to make a cigar box guitar. Jefferson later tutored him and reportedly never let another guitarist accompany him.

Instant Karma.


Invisible Magic.

360 degrees of a street.

How to hide from a bear.

Shooting pool on a rolling sea.
[h/t Bunkerville]

His lawnmower wasn’t manly enough.

The story behind Todd Rundgren’s Hello It’s Me.
[Facebook link h/t Octo.]

The Arctic is having the coldest summer on record.

[Top image: Found in Bad Postcards.]

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Saturday Matinee – DoodleChaos, M. Shadows, Shadows Nepal & The Shadows

 “I’ve synchronized The Flight of the Valkyries (by Richard Wagner) to 8 Line Riders racing down the track for victory. Choose your team color and cross your fingers. All lines were drawn by hand.”  [Link found buried in here.]

M. Shadows screams about something for half a minute.

The Shadows Nepal, from Narayangadh, Chitwanrock, have been performing for over 20 years and have a large following, both in Nepal and around the world. Dharma appeared on their 2nd album, Hidne Manche Ladcha, released in 2006. More about them here.

The Shadows in a clip from the 1961 movie The Young Ones, complete with their typical choreography (and some overdubbed not-quite-Beatlesque screaming girls).

I can’t remember if I’ve got big plans for the weekend or not, but I know I’m supposed to do something. See you back here whenever.

Titubating Hot Links

Grunion Run, The Hollywood Persuaders (1963)Paul Buff was a Marine veteran who was making parts for guided missiles when he decided to go into the recording business. A multitalented musician and recording engineer, he needed a flip side for his band’s 45 of Tijuana Surf, so he contacted a 20 year old guitar player named Frank Zappa.





CGI tree fail.

Focus under the sand.

Just in time for summer.
[h/t Bunkerville]

42 Butterflies of North America.

A small disruption in a magnetic field.

Rhapsody In Blue (1924) visualized [via].

Superimpose photo of your product here.

[Top image: Rotated, cropped & inverted the colors of the original (below the break). I don’t recall where I found it or why I did it.]

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Saturday Matinee – Weapon Brown (trailer), Perch Creek & Deak Harp

Badass Chuck found here.

The Perch Creek Family Jug Band (since renamed Perch Creek) are four siblings plus a stray from Northern New South Wales, are currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Deak Harp jams outside Deak’s Mississippi Saxophones & Blues Emporium in Clarksdale, Mississippi (2014). Guy got his bonafides by following James “Mr. Superharp” Cotton up and down the east coast before getting a job driving Cotton’s van (and  THIS is a Mississippi Saxophone).

Lotta things going down these days, but that’s not news to anyone. In the meantime, have a great weekend and maybe we’ll see better things tomorrow. See you then.

Batraquomancing Hot Links

Aviation Machinist’s Mate Airman Christian Myers, from Las Vegas, conducts a performance test on an F/A-18 Super Hornet jet engine on the fantail aboard the aboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) on May 12, 2022. US Navy Photo

I Won’t Tell, Tracey Dey (1964) Very pretty song about a girl cheating on her boyfriend with his brother – her sister’s boyfriend – and lying to both of them.
Nora Ferrari (aka Tracey Dey) was a college coed when she recorded a demo tape that found its way to the ears of Bob Crewe, producer and songwriter for The Four Seasons and others. Dey released nine solo singles 1962 through 1966; several made the Billboard Top 100 beginning with Teenage Cleopatra.

Under the table.

Future futbol star.

3D Butterfly Zoetrope.

Ladies and gentlemen…

The “Not Famous” people.

Some serious damage from an AR-15.

You GOTTA hear this bird. [h/t Bunkerville]

Commuting in Stunt City. [h/t Mme. Jujujive]

Outhorse Your Email: “Let the horses of Iceland reply to your emails while you are on vacation.”  [h/t Philosopher Mouse]

[Top image from USNI News.]

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Saturday Matinee – Mr. Barti sings Tomatito, Messer Chups & Gary Clark Jr.

Mr. Barti performs La Voz Del Tiempo by José Fernández Torres, aka Tomatito.

Alex Mihajlovski was born in Macedonia, resides in Denmark and began designing and constructing marionette puppet “Barti” in Spain  in 1986. Apparently he adopted the surname Jørgensen.

“Barti is a complex marionette with many strings, over 40, keeping him alive. […] In 1986 Barti’s master Alex Jørgensen, started improvising with puppet building, using various materials and miniature constructions. During all this time he’s been working in the improvement of Barti, in a no-stop research of the movement complexity, which created this uncommon string puppet. Barti has been travelled all around the world, performing in many international festivals.”

From St. Petersburg, Russia,  Messer Chups is listed under vampire space zombie surf rock.
Oleg Gitaracula – guitar;  Zombierella – Bass; Rockin Eugene – Drums.

Gary Clark Jr. live at Great Stage Park, Manchester, TN, 2015.

Dang. The days are flying past; seems like I go to sleep Sunday night and I wake up the following Sunday morning. Have a great weekend, and see you back here tomorrow. Or the week after. Or both.

Vellicative Hot Links

Woodpecker Rock, Nat Couty & The Braves (1958)Born in Natchez, Louisiana on 6 October 1934, Nat Couty played in bands for most of his life, but only recorded one other song – Won’t You Come Along With Me (the flip side). He suffered a stroke in 1999 and died of a heart attack the following year.

The Leaf.

A 1789 school shooting.

How big is the asteroid?

Cam Cole has no backup band.
Free listen/download at the link.

I think they’re saying “Terabyte.”

An orange orb and his baked potato friend.

The Evolution of Games with 250K dominoes.

70 Babylon Bee satire stories that came true.

The Only Thing that can stop the Queen’s Guard.

Why buy one when you can make a bindle. [h/t Gord S.]

The second act of Alban Berg’s 1937 opera Lulu includes a three-minute sequence that’s a musical palindrome.

[Top image found here.]

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Saturday Matinee – SOUR, A Southern Gospel Revival, The Kentucky Headhunters & The Reverend Horton Heat

SOUR日々の音色 (Hibi no neiro)‘  video from 2009 coordinated Zoom before Zoom.

A Southern Gospel Revival updates classic gospel with amazing vocals and bluegrass.

The Kentucky Headhunters showed up on my radar long ago with the best (and only?) cover of Davy Crockett ever. Glad to see they’re still having fun.

Reverend Horton Heat tells the story before he growls out Motörhead‘s classic Ace of Spades.

Running out of useful brain cells tonight, so have a great weekend and we’ll see you back her tomorrow for no good reason at all.

Castophrenic Hot Links

I Go Into Orbit, Johnny Acey (1962)John Acey Goodelock (1925-2009) was an east coast R&B singer / pianist who began recording in 1953, and also recorded as Johnny Chef, Acey, J. Acey, and Johnny Acey And His Fingerpoppers. I was unable to find the lineup for this recording; the 45rpm credits Texas songwriter LaCharles Harper and it may have been the inspiration for Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Pride and Joy.


Get Juicy.

Peach Bums.

Shiny mixer [via].

Robot Spy Beaver??


The Fried Universe.
[h/t Mme. Jujujive]

The Largest .GIF Animation in the World.

Reddit’s Best Photoshops of 2021 includes links to originals.

Researchers at UC Berkley dropped salamanders into a vertical wind tunnel to see what would happen. [via]

[Top image: Dashboard of a 1958 Dodge D100 found here.]

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Saturday Matinee – Pursuit of Ghosts, INSA & Pink Floyd

Pursuit of Ghosts is a representation of the daily grind. We assign meaning to our existence , what matters to me might not matter to you.
Mesmerizing animation by Kevin McGloughlin uses footage by photography pioneer Eadward Muybridge  with music by Max Cooper and Tim Hodge.

Daredevil Global .Gif promo (2016) features  INSA and his “Gif-iti.” He creates some amazing stuff, including the Rockin’ Rolls posted here.

From the Utoobage:
Pink Floyd performing at the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii , Italy. The main footage in and around the amphitheatre was filmed over four days in October 1971, using the band’s regular touring equipment, including studio-quality 24-track tape recorders.”

Kinda spacy trippy stuff for this 3-day weekend, and if you’re headed out, be sure to drive fast. The less time on the road reduces the odds of an accident. See you back here tomorrow.

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