The future of Arthur Radebaugh

Fighting forest fires to save the wildlife… with ICBMs.

NOMICS@%^&*(^*>ALGEBR isn’t taught in school anymore.

Mom is always ready… for something.

From Closer Than We Think, Arthur Radebaugh, 1950s.
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Ventilabral Hot Links

I Do, The Marvelows (1965) Formed in Chicago in the 1950s  as Little Satan & The Demons, later as The Mystics, the group landed a recording deal with ABC-Paramount in 1964 and became The Marvelows. In 1968, to avoid being confused with The Marvellos, they became The Mighty Marvelows and recorded In The Morning.

Don’t eat it.

Aerchie’s Norty Blues.

Sandwiches rotating slowly.

Eatin’ the bottle [h/t Chuck C.].

…a redneck hick.” [h/t Gord S.].

Penn Gillette’s Great Green Gobs.

Rock and roll tree scooter [via Bunkerville].

When you know someone’s taking a photo.

The Peeps of Willendorf [via Mme. Jujujive].

Early cinematic special effects [via Memo Of The Air].

Newark NJ partnered with a country that doesn’t exist.

[Top image: Alarm clock from 1643 found by Mr. Philosopher Mouse.]

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Gnosiological Hot Links

Freddie’s Boogie, Freddie Mitchell And His Orchestra (1953) Saxophonist Freddie Mitchell was among other things “a session musician and bandleader for multi-artist rock shows held by Alan Freed. Mitchell had previously recorded Moondog Boogie named in honor of the disc jockey and the two of them appeared together in the 1956 film Rock, Rock, Rock.”

Rock, Rock, Rock was the first video cassette tape I ever bought; spotted it in a bargain bin for a couple bucks.  My next purchase was a video player.

The Honker.

Bench Wars.

100 kid farts.

Tucker & Fritz.

The Bystander Effect.

Sexism in PhD Awards.

Icecoasters [via Mme. Jujujive].

The Celtic sport of ferret legging.

R.I.P. Wayne Shorter (1933-2023).

Um, better stay out of Earl Orkin’s room.

The angels’ share and the devil’s fungus.

This cheeseburger costs over $21 per ounce.

Czar Peter the Great, Amateur Dental Surgeon.
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Meerkats. Cutsey little standy-uppy weasel-lookin’ bastards.
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[Top image: Mao money mockery found here.]

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Saturday Matinee – ZeFrank, Yoann & Marie Bourgeois, Little Walter (w/ Hound Dog Taylor, Dillard Crume & Odie Payne) and GA-20

ZeFrank educates because it’s what he does, behbeh.

Yoann and Marie Bourgeois – The One Who Falls
Performances presented on October 22, 2022 on the occasion of the pre-opening of Hangar Y, the new cultural and event center of the city of Meudon.

Amazing dance / performing artists [h/t Memo Of The Air].

Walter’s Blues (1967).
Little Walter – Harp
Hound Dog Taylor – Guitar
Dillard Crume – Bass
Odie Payne – Drums

Straight Outta Loveland:
GA-20 covers Hound Dog Taylor & The House Rockers. Great authentic electric blues with respect, these guys ain’t posers.

Lotsa stuff to do: stuff that I need to do, stuff that I probably oughta do, and stuff that’s a total waste of time.  Seems I’m doing a lot of the third type of stuff these days, but at least it’s fun. Have a Superbowl weekend, and we’ll be back tomorrow. For stuff.

Happy New Year Hot Links

Auld Lang Syne Boogie, Freddie Mitchell Orchestra (1949) The Freddie Mitchell Orchestra (aka Hen Gates & His House Rockers, Hen Gates & His Gators) features Mitchell on sax and Rip Harrigan on piano.

“For years the rumor was that Hen Gates and His Gaters were in fact the Dizzy Gillespie band. In fact Hen Gates is Freddie Mitchell and the tracks on the album credited to them, Lets All Dance To Rock And Roll, are simply old Derby masters given new titles. When Derby filed for bankruptcy in 1954, Freddie Mitchell masters had been sold cheaply and had already been reissued on several labels before they turned up on Masterseal who thought they could pull a fast one and pass them off as tracks recorded by Hen Gates and His Gators who, according to the LP sleevenotes, were ‘a group of talented young Rock ‘N Roll musicians.’ ” [Source]

Oh Kenneth.

A bit of snow.

The 80s called.

Nine baby carrots.

Pikas aren’t doomed.

A bird of many colors.

1. Sound up. 2. Be amazed.

The Gratitude of the Pious.

Kaiser-Fraser plans ahead.

Trippy water photography.

The David Hasselhoff Museum.

The Institute of Nomadic Architecture. [h/t eaglesoars]

“We’re out of projects. What do you want to work on, Bob?”

“Well, Jim, I was just thinking…” Twelve months later...

The Freezer Bowl of 1981 was the coldest game in NFL history.

January 1 2023 is Public Domain Day. Copyrighted works from 1927 will enter the US public domain [via Mme. Jujujive].

Tom Leher has relinquished all copyright restrictions to his music and lyrics, and they are free to download at his website [via Memo Of The Air].

Just added a new archive category: Raccoon Stuff.
Don’t know how I missed it after all these years.

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