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Thalassocratical Hot Links

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Ada Jones Nix On The Glow Worm Lena,  (1910).

Pool hustle.

This took only 60 days.

Fordite, aka Detroit agate.

9-1/2 minutes at Irwindale.

Twitter flagged this as “potentially sensitive content.”

The maximum incremental domino size is approximately 2.

Scientists have detected snake-like dental glands in caecilians.

“What does Independence Day mean to you?” This is disturbing.

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Corn Crackin’ Hot Links

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Eubie Blake The Chevy Chase (published 1914)
Modern recording played from the score.

Eubie Blake once said that the first time he heard the term “Rock and Roll” was in a cathouse in 1898. It was an early jazz piano style designed to keep the customers moving along.


The Stencil.

1934 DeSoto.

Bat Chain Puller.

The Diesel Brothers.

Hot Wheels xylophone.

Repotting Mammillaria.

Drive-In Haunted House.

Milton Friedman answers a hipster.

Guy REALLY doesn’t want to wear a mask.

How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by Police.

Chuck Jones’ rules for writing the Road Runner cartoons [via].

Mr. Jones looks like an interesting movie. It’s based on the 1933 diaries of Gareth Jones.

The People’s Liberation Army reported that 57% of its candidates in one city failed their physicals due to excessive drinking, video gaming and this.

“The key of postmodernism as a social philosophy is that whether a claim is true or not doesn’t matter and misses the point. All that matters is how that claim can be used politically.” –James Lindsay

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Querimonious Hotlinks

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Unknown orchestra, unknown song, late 1920s jazz.


She ran, etc.

Haircuts for dorks.

An inconvenient truth.

Around the world on a Honda.

Need a secret hand signal? Here you go.

A popular treat was renamed to remove a racial epithet.

Scranton Hiny Hiders is NOT the name of a bottom-ranked Pennsylvania football team.

East Overshoe Scorpions is/was the name of a Pennsylvania football team according to a college roommate from Pittsburgh.

[Top image: spam email. He just did something he’s proud of.]

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Original Djungelvrål Hot Links

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Perry ComoThe Theme to Chaz (1969)

Kill Haole Day.

Leafblower [via].

Roll cloud rocks.

I Want Some Of That.

Who was Quentin Dean?

V8 Massey Ferguson MF-350.

Got Batgirl? Then you need this.

Interactive geographic clipping is kinda cool.

The total lunar eclipse of 1 March 1504 was historic.

Malaco Djungelvrål Swedish licorice is not for the timid.

Licorice is an herb that grows in parts of Europe and Asia. The root is used as medicine. Licorice root contains glycyrrhizic acid. Glycyrrhizic acid can cause complications when eaten in large quantities.”

[Top image from here.]

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What if this was YOUR house Hot Links

Sunday, 7 June 2020

The Will Bradley Trio – “Down The Road A Piece” (1940)

A hair knot.

Virtual Flies.

Virtual Turtles.

Cristobal Livel!

Caught the limit.

Art appreciation.

Elvis live in Bangkok.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. [Update – Story has been unverified]

Women’s Rugby Haka.
Him: ” I want to break up with you.”
Maori girl: “You don’t want to break up with me.”
Him: “I don’t want to break up with you.”

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Slightly Thaumatropical Hot Links

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Ken Nordine – Flibberty Jib – 1957


Tesla Valve.

The Buffalo Song [ht/ JW].

Very cool interactive photos of WWII [h/t B&P].

Tesla Valve demonstration… using propane [h/t Phil].

Fun Facts To Know And Tell:

A new kind of spider was discovered in 2012. It has a velvet body and lives underground, hence the genus name LouReedia.

“After hearing the Guinness Book of World Records planned to name him the most litigious man, one federal prisoner did what he does best — he sued.” Story here.

Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation reports that sea turtles need to watch their backs, because bottle-nosed dolphins enjoy having sex with them (as well as with sharks and eels). [Source]

[Top image: On 16 May 2020, the USS Portland disabled a UAV with a laser. Story & video here.]

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Taeniacidal Hot Links

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Danny Dell & The Trends- Froggy Went A Courting, 1960

This takes guts.

The Peak and more.

The Best Tuna Melt Sandwich.

In the medical business? Gomerpedia is kinda cool.
It even lists a Karen.

It’s open mic poetry night at Honky Joe’s Beat Bar.

Jökla-mýs = Glacier mice.
They move around and nobody knows how [h/t Bunkarina].

Speak Appalachian? Here’s a quiz. Pretty easy – I got 100%.
[h/t Busted Knuckles.]

A new proof has confirmed the Schinzel-Zassenhaus conjecture, which predicts that the smallest roots of a non-cyclotomic polynomial effectively repel the largest roots, like magnets pushing each other away.

[Top image & story here. More here. Video here.]

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Sunday, 17 May 2020


Rabbit Run.

Explain this.

Goat parade.

Duck quacks, explodes.

Report tegus in the wild.

Polar bear being a polar bear.

I’ve got an uncontrollable urge to buy a DEVO Energy Dome COVID-19 face mask.

Betsy Ross incubated an egg in her bra and hatched a duckling.

King Rhadamanthus: If a person defends himself against another who initiated violence then he should suffer no penalty.

Cat Man – Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps 1957

[Top image: On Friday afternoon, L.A. guerilla artist Sabo was interviewed on AM640KFI. Scroll down to listen.]

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Anti-Virtue Scolding Hot Links

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Happy Mothers Day.

The pushback continues.

Mind Your Own Business.

Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus.

RIP Little Richard Penniman (1932-2020).

A fruit tested positive for COVID-19. So did a goat and a sheep.

Amazing milestone: First US Space Force recruitment video was released 6 May 2020.

36% of voters would turn in their neighbors for ignoring stay-at-home orders. That is disturbing.

Top image: Old man arrested for fishing under quarantine rules. Photo essay here.

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Not sure what happened to the side bar. I blame meerkats.
Cutesy little standy-uppy weasel-lookin’ bastards.

Rebullitional Hot Links

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Crash crash ding tinkle tinkle


World’s oldest record shop.

From the Too Much Botheration Dept.:
Lotta frustration these days.

Mientras tanto en España [sound up].

Twitter thread of creepy objects posted by museum curators [via].

It rhymes with “biscuit,” but what does the name “Triscuit” really mean? (Mystery solved!)

For 36 years Military specialized in publishing 1st hand accounts from WWII to the present. According to the editor, June 2020 will be its final printed issue.

[Top image found in here.]

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