Ailuromancing Hot Links

Theme from Jonny Quest, Hoyt Curtin composer (1964) Opening & closing themes to Hanna and Barbara’s Jonny Quest Saturday morning cartoon show that aired in 1965. According to Curtin, the opening theme took about an hour to produce.

Be a puffin.

Dance hard.


Andirondack Pro Model.

1973 Japanese balloonbot.

Holy echinopsis, Batman!

WWII one-man battleships.

The Uganda Skateboard Union.

Puppy’s first bath [via Bunkerville].

Singapore timelapse [via Mme. Jujujive].

The Welsh  Guards Band paid a tribute to Tina Turner.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts [via Memo Of The Air].

[Top image found here, h/t Nag On The Lake.]

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Palpebrating Hot Links

Get Rhythm, Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two (1956) Originally calling themselves Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Three, Sun Records owner Sam Phillips suggested they go with The Tennessee Two after steel guitarist A.W. ‘Red’ Kernodle became too nervous to play and left the studio, leaving Luther Perkins (Fender electric guitar) and Marshall Grant (upright bass). By 1953 drummer W.S. Holland joined the band, and they eventually became The Tennessee Three again.

Who’s there?

Words of Wisdom.

Say a little prayer.

Crackhead magic.

What “CC” means.

Criminalizing truth.

The Calling of the Crows.

The Tithing of the Crows.

The Leveling of the Crows.

G.I. Joe can take you there.

Beautiful shore of Guatemala.

Kitty sings the blues [sound up].

How to enter a crowd in Paducah, Kentucky.

Seven seconds of contentment [via Bunkerville].

The Melbourne Bouncy Castle King [h/t Gord S.].

Spoiler alert: C is for the Capsule [via Mme. Jujujive].

The big band jazz of Jonny Quest [via Memo Of The Air].

The Atomic Energy Merit Badge begat The Radioactive Boy Scout.

[Top image: 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood tail light found here.]

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Matripotestal Hot Links

Cankton Two Step, Leeman Prejean (1988) From an obituary:
A native of Carencro and a resident of Lafayette for most of his life, Leeman Prejean retired from the Lafayette Parish School Board after thirty-two years of service as a custodian. He had a passion for music and was an active musician for thirty-nine years with “Leeman Prejean and the Happy Playboys of Scott“.

This guy.

Universe 25.

Moscow traffic.

Fun with numbers.

bababababop [via Bunkerville].

A reply to a message in a bottle.

NOT a deepfake. Those are real.

Bar napkin art [via Memo Of The Air].

The thing is called the Great Seal bug.

USAF racist program to combat racism.

A Unique petting zoo opened in Florida.

A.I. generated 1993 Pizza Nuggets commercial.
[via Mme. Jujujive]

Happy Mothers Day, mothers!


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Cardophagal Hot Links

Let’s Dust, Planet Seven (2001) From their album The Tomorrow That Never Was, Planet Seven launched spacesurf punk from San Francisco, CA.


Now do this.

Tiny Bubbles.

Dear Pen Pals.

Toxic clarinets.

The Great White.

CGI realism today.

Image description.

Helene [via Memo Of The Air].

Rollin’ & Rockin’ [via Bunkerville].

All the dance moves you’ll ever need. [Sound up]

One more thing to see before bedtime [via Mme. Jujujive].

[Top image found somewhere, possible Reddit photoshop.]

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Filipendulous Hot Links

Don’t Look Back, The Temptations (1967)
The Classic Five – Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams performing live on the Ed Sullivan Show 19 November 1967. The Temptations were THE Motown Sound (thanks in part to Smokey Robinson).

Peter Tosh (with Mick Jagger) recorded his version of Don’t Look Back in 1978.



Trilobite eyes.

“That makes sense.”

More Glitterbombing.

Life Lessons with Mr. T.

Russian Army Barbie World.

A history of Steamed Hams.

A repo repo {via Bunkerville].

There’s a reason for the nets.

Good planets are hard to find.

Eastbound on I-54 with Honey.

Playing with panic [h/t Pam M.].

A moment of cognitive dissonance.

Attack of the Marmite [ht Aussie Infidel].

The Social Conformity experiment (2015).

FYI: Facebook class action settlement notice.

A tiny sci-fi story every day [via Mme. Jujujive].

Women laughing alone with salad [via Memo Of The Air].

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Malleating Hot Links

Farmer Brown (No. 2), Officer Roseland (2006) “Hailing from the outskirts of Philadelphia, Officer Roseland has been protecting and serving rock music since 2000. Comprised of Dan Daidone (bass/vocals), Brian Jones (keyboards/guitar), Harry Grannis (bass/guitar) and John Ilisco Jr (drums/percussion).”
Officer Roseland provided soundtracks for several Billy Blob animations.



The Ricochet.

Cat sings Alugalug.

Dance Little Stevie.

Mr. Swingline, I presume.

A link dump of rabbit holes.

How to survive a sloth attack.

When the doggy day care calls.

Mine is low [via Memo Of The Air].

Mr. Chosen One got all humpy (01:30).

Money-saving drinking game [via Feral Irishman].

Babs Streisand has a mall in her basement (pic #13).

The Grand Marshal of the Tree Parade [via Bunkerville].

How to calm the kangaroo you just pissed off [via Mme. Jujujive].

[Top image: Danny D.’s high pressure boiler, photo cropped & enhanced.]

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Palificational Hot Links

Sugar Sugar, Wilson Pickett (1970) The same year The Archies bubblegum song was released, Wilson Pickett showed the world how even a crappy cloying song can sound great.

Lol City.

Mo Rilla.

Lez Pugs.

Three minutes of odd.

Doodling on an iPhone.

Ahnold filled a pothole.

The Bowl and the Laser Bat.

Laser topper [via Bunkerville].

Weather cat apology [h/t Kirk W.].

This is Bob. He doesn’t talk much.

The Jiggle Line for action pictures.

Michigan man finds squatters in his mailbox.

The Sav-On Fight Song [via Memo Of The Air].

[Top image found here. Don’t know the story, but a ship has been lost in Future World.]

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Quadrumanous Hot Links

Running Around, Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs (1961) Williams & The Zodiacs were best known for their classic 1960 hit Stay, the shortest recorded number one hit in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 chart (US).

Taco Spin.

The Rewind Museum.

On Southern Heritage.

Norwegian bicycle lift.

An Aperiodic Monotile.

Always save the receipt.

U.S. Marines tested DARPA AI.

Silent Props [via Nag on the Lake].

Whanganui men [via Memo Of The Air].

The Flight of the Helivector [via Bunkerville].

Infra-Red, In Situ (IRIS) Inspection of Silicon.

Don’t let the dandelion horn die [via Mme. Jujujive].

[Top image was posted by somewhere on Twitter, misplaced the linky. It appears to be a pissed-off Short-eared Owl making a big scary face with its wings.]

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Lambitive Hot Links

You Can’t Make Me Doubt My Baby, Bunker Hill (1963) In the late 1950s David Walker joined a traditional gospel group, the Sensational Wonders, who would later become The Mighty Clouds of Joy. Walker used the pseudonym Bunker Hill to avoid conflict of interest trouble but they found out anyway and Walker was booted. As Bunker Hill, Walker also recorded with Link Wray (with brother and manager Vernon Wray).


In Reality.

What are you?

Rock-a-bye baby.

Robbie the Robar.

A letter to a centenarian.

Robopigeon [via Mme. Jujujive].

Jammin’ the bar codes [via IHSTWOTI]

What we have that they don’t [via Feral Irishman].

Buy ’em by the sack [via The View from Lady Lake].

Explained: Netherlandish Proverbs, Bruegel the Elder, 1559.
[h/t Memo Of The Air]

Flight 5390 in flight photos; story here. [h/t Bunkerville]

[Top image found here. I think those are young emus.]

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Bdellotomic Hot Links

My Girl Sloopy, The Vibrations (1964) The Jayhawks recorded the hit Stranded In The Jungle in 1956, changed their name to The Marathons, and eventually became The Vibrations. The McCoys’ 1965 cover (retitled Hang On Sloopy) is the better known, and The Yardbirds’ version is just awful. Now about Dottie Sloop

High score.

Bubbly Brain.

Search Zippy.

It seems odd to me.

Dance hard [sound up].

The Survivability Onion.

Bdellotomic is not a typo.

Pure awesome from 1980.

It’s  in the hole [h/t Gord S.].

The Dancer [via Mme. Jujujive].

THE Ringtone [via Bunkerville].

Drifting plates [via Memo Of The Air].

Hard on the eyes yet cool at the same time.

NA Intermodal Units Rail Traffic has  a pulse, and 2023 is down for some reason. [h/t GuardDuck]

[Top image: Best guess is that’s a late 1940s Chevrolet 5700 COE truck, courtesy Chuck C. Now chop that top.]

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