Juglandaceous Hot Links

In The Morning, The Mighty Marvelows (1968)
Formed in Chicago in the 1950s  as Little Satan & The Demons, later as The Mystics, the group landed a recording deal with ABC-Paramount in 1964 and became The Marvelows. They had little initial success (Billboard suspended its R&B listings in 1963) but scored with I Do in 1965. In 1968, to avoid being confused with The Marvellos, they became The Mighty Marvelows but disbanded the following year.

MLK Comics.

Moe’s cookbook.

Jaubert’s Burgoo.

Cherry Possum Pie.

This cat / dog / bird house is amazing.

Amenhotep I like you’ve never seen him.

Remembering Boxxy, the girl who crashed 4chan.

Bumpy Johnson and Stephanie St. Clair were not nice people.

[Top image: Linoleum cut by Gord Smithers (2022).]

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Fimicolous Hot Links

Marie, The Four Tunes (1953)The Four Tunes originated from The Brown Dots, a quartet started in New York City by Ivory “Deek” Watson  after he split from the Ink Spots in late 1944. Marie was written by Irving Berlin and first recorded by Nat Shilkret & the RCA Victor Orchestra (as The Troubadors) in 1928.

Linoleum is back.

Emergency  Cat Sounds.
Emergency Goat Sounds.
Emergency Chicken Sounds.

Caterpillars heard that. [via]

Criminals are gonna love this new BMW.

LAPD southwest gang unit Day in the Life.

When animals come to visit. [h/t Bunkerville]

Nice collection of sewer tile & sewer pipe pottery.

[Top image from The Worst Michelin Starred Restaurant [via]

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Geromorphic Hot Links

Eugenia, Lasse Johansson & Claes Palmquist (1993)From The Entertainer: The Music Of Scott Joplin – Arranged For Fingerstyle Guitar. You can hear a piano rendition of Joplin’s Eugenia here.

Fish bollards.

More on Jonco.

Leibniz Biscuits.

Happy New Ears.

Any random time

Freezing chipmunk.

About San Francisco.

They banned Jingle Bells.

The world’s biggest bugle.

Bleeping Meltdowns are fun.

2021 Optical Illusion Winners. [h/t Eaglesoars]

[Top image: Skyline Chili blimp found here.]

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Ichorescent Hot Links

Turn Your Head, Little Darlin’, Red Ingle & His Orchestra (1950)Ernest Janson”Red” Ingle was an American musician, singer and songwriter, arranger, cartoonist, caricaturist, pilot, leather carver and saddle maker from Toledo Ohio. He is best known for his comedy records with Spike Jones and his own Natural Seven sides for Capitol.


Dear Mr. Watterson.

The Porcelain Unicorn [via].


The Great Barrington Declaration.

The Color Survey ResultsNobody can spell “fuchsia”.

She was the highest paid film star in the world in 1937.

[Top image found here. I believe those are 1938 Opel Kadetts, but the location and circumstances are anyone’s guess.]

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Catapedamaniacal Hot Links

Daryl Dixon takes a break..

Party Hard, Little Isidore & The Inquisitors (date unknown)Can’t find a date for this gem, could be 1993 or 2012, but I love it.  Little Isidore is/was the  alter ego of David Forman, a little known musician with a great resume; he fronts The Inquisitors, aka The Golden Inquisitors, aka The Mighty Inquisitors. Forman is 10 years younger than Little Isidore.

His face

Bullied by Emojis.

Teeny Tiny Piggy Porn.

Santa’s Got A Dirty Job.

Sound up for pure awesome.

Who is Scaffold Commander?

Terry Gilliam’s Christmas Card.

The L.G.B. Community Theme Song.

[Image at top found here. More about Daryl here.]

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Ombrophilous Hot Links

You Sure Can’t Do, Buddy Guy (1958)An homage to Guitar Slim‘s The Things That I Used to Do.
Band lineup:
Buddy Guy – Guitar and Vocals
Ike Turner – Guitar
Willie Dixon – Bass
Odie Payne – Drums
Harold Burrage – Piano
Carlson Oliver – Tenor Sax
Eddie Jones – Tenor Sax
Jackie Brenston – Baritone Sax

Clam lick.

Vibrating salt.

Do Not Hug the Tree.

1945 computer data cable.

Pops Coffee on the Four Leaf.

Beetle wing embroidery (tutorial).

Signs found on Google Street View.

Rationing of food, petrol, etc., ended in Britain nine years after the end of WWII. [h.t Possum]

A 23 year old auditioned for the Monkees on 7 October 1965. R.I.P. Michael Nesmith.

[Top image: I wasn’t shopping for socks but I found those here.]

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Campanological Hot Links

Theme to Barbarella, Bob Crewe & The Glitterhouse (1968)Composer/producer Bob Crewe (aka the Godfather of Easy Listening) invited New York-based group The Glitterhouse to provide the “But Hey” style vocals for the title song of the cult classic Barbarella.


Abe Lyman  (1927).

Carlin & immunity.

10 hours of Kamala.

So how cold was it?

Ms. Julie’s Cootie Catcher.

Hunters of the Golden Cobra.

Circus Peanuts – a Twitter Exposé.

An elephant, a dog and a cow walk into a green tube.

[Top image found here.]

Malacophilous Hot Links

I Love You Darling, 11 Year Old Faith Taylor & the Sweet Teens (1959)According to Luky 1966:
Faith Taylor was born in Dumas, Arkansas, in 1948. She began performing at the age of four and won her first amateur contest in Little Rock. She came to Chicago with her family in 1957 and continued her music career by singing at small club affairs. She also worked in a few combos, including that of Muddy Waters. In June 1957 she entered and won the ‘Morris B. Sachs Amateur Hour‘ on WGN-TV. The following year a friend of Taylor, Charles Jones, was assembling a vocal group and brought her in as the lead. Other members of this group were alto Yvonne Waddell (17), tenor Saundra Long (16), soprano Mary Collins (17), and bass Curtis Burrell (17). Most of the group came from two South Side high schools, DuSable and Dunbar. Faith Taylor and the Sweet Teens were unlike most ‘teen tenor lead’ groups in being mostly comprised of females. From that start, the group was not going to be a ‘girl group’ but one patterned after Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.”

There’s a rumor that Sun Ra backed the Sweet Teens for some performances.


400 HP = 16,807 DP.

Cold Cup O’ Noodles.

Teen girls’ CD pics in 1994.

Late 1960s Haight Ashbury.

Dominican Republic barrio tour.

The Mayflower (and other airships).

The Columbo Statue in Budapest, Hungary.

Cherilyn Sarkisian mugshot [via]. She was 13 when she “borrowed” her mom’s car. She’s better known as Cher.

[Top image found in here and I have no idea what it means. The Culter & Proctor Stove Company made cast iron stoves in the late 1800s in Peoria, IL.]

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Deipnosophical Hot Links

Just Wailin’, Louie Myers & the Aces (1956) Originally titled Just Whaling on Chicago’s ABCO Records. The Aces were also known as the Chicago Aces, the Four Aces, the Three Deuces, the Three Dukes, and the Jukes,  depending who they were backing. The prolific session group was comprised of brothers Louis and Dave Myers and Fred Below [BEE-low] and backed many great Chicago blues artists.


Can’t Help Myself.

Hatin’ on the brush.
[h/t Mme. Jujujive]

Inexpensive video effect.

In 2015 a monk was stolen.

Samuel Rowbotham, proto-troll.

37 years ago four men saved NYC.
[h/t Nate L.]

More from the Streets of Philly, and why some are hunched over.

Me showing Hurricane Irma all the memes we made about her.”

Then somebody said, “Let’s use by the beard of the prophet’ because that’s what Muslims say.”

[Top image of tactical plaid mom found here, story here.]

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Naufrageous Hot Links

Let Your Love Run To Me, Larry Dale (1960)Ennis L. Lower (aka Larry Dale Matthews, aka Larry Dale) had a recording career that ran from 1952 through 1987, both under his own aliases and with other notables, including Bob Gaddy, Paul “Hucklebuck” Williams, Big Red McHouston, Champion Jack DuPree, Cootie WilliamsBobby Bland, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee.

Dog tag.

Please try to explain this.

Jill Trent — Science Sleuth.

Octopi punch fish. Really. They do.

Imagine you’re at a campfire in Alaska.

No more private bank deposit accounts?

Dance Me to the End of Love – Madeleine Peyroux

A mom informed a Fairfax Virginia school board of the pornography in their high school library, so they amended school policy.

Drawbacks Of Electric Vehicles Drivers Overlook [h/t Steve M.]

[Top image: That’s a male Lowland Nyala, and they bark. Image found in here.]

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