Saturday Matinee: Pure Logic = Brilliance.

Folks, for those of you not familiar with Milton Friedman, you’re in for a treat, as I was when I found these videos.  He’s not talking about politics here, but common sense economics.

What amazed me as I watched these videos is how easily Mr. Friedman understood the basic principles beneath apparently contradictory economic philosophies, and simplified/pared down the questions until the answers were obvious.

His extraordinary logic left both Phil Donahue and the liberal student in the dust;  I doubt that either one of them completely understood what Friedman said.

This is stuff that even Oprah fans can understand, but many in the US Congress either do not, or choose not to.  Our president is not stupid. He knows about the probable economic damage and is willing to forfeit his veto power  (just as he is willing to tell our enemies his war strategy, as he did today).  God help us.


Cheesecake from the Dawn of Time? Nah.


“The Dancing Venus of Galgenberg is unique. Her head and limbs are carefully depicted, and even accented with openings in the stone. Her left arm is raised with the hand behind the head. She stands with her weight resting insouciantly on one foot, and the right hand is placed on the hip. One breast is shown in profile, the other is carved in low relief. In my column, I drew attention to Betty Grable’s familiar pose.

“The Dancing Venus is no Mother Goddess. This is a chick with sex appeal. Cheesecake since the dawn of time.

Really.  Someone needs to get a life. Continue reading “Cheesecake from the Dawn of Time? Nah.”

Casting Call


“Number 27, sorry, you’re too tall.”

“Number 28, ah, work on your voice. The pitch just doesn’t seem right for the part.”

“Number 29, get out.  I’ve got no time for jokers.  Next.”

[Image from Cool Aggregator.]

Have Anybody Particular in Mind?


We know nothing about this photo except that it is an excellent depiction of an afterthought from someone apparently named “Satellite.”  He had a great (yet vague) directive for all passersby to “Stop Abusing.”  Good thing he clarified it, otherwise he’d look like a moron.

[Found here via EB‘s sidebar.]

Saturday Matinee: Jerrie Thill, Ray McKinley, Gene Vincent & Clifford Stoll.

We have a very eclectic combination this weekend.  You’re gonna like ’em.

Oddness alert: Jerrie Thill, and  Allee Willis. [Found here.]

Ray McKinley‘s band with “Big Boy” (featuring Imogene Lynn) and “Jive Bomber.” These appeared in a 1942 short that included “St. Louis Blues.”

Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps’ “Baby Blue” from the 1958 movie “Hot Rod Gang.”  Oh yeah.

18 Minutes with Clifford Stoll, an amazing guy with a lot of things he’s not going to talk about.  (This is the same guy who more recently was mocked for a Newsweek article he wrote in 1995 regarding the future of the Internest… and was wrong.)  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the inspiration for Dr. Emmet Brown,  played by Christopher Lloyd, in the movie “Back To The Future.”  This one is mandatory viewing here, so grab a snack and a beverage and watch the whole thing.

[Found at Neatorama.]

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