Eighteen years ago tonight was my scariest Halloween ever, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, and timing contractions at the same time. Really.

Rory 18 warning

Happy Birthday Bunkessa!

Love, Poppa, Momma and Bunkarina (who’s gonna pound your butt next time you get into her stuff again).

Saturday Matinee – Happy Halloween!

I thought this was clever.  [Found here.]

Can Head by the same guy who did the classic Potato Hunter.

[Found on Plate O’Shrimp… nice new find by our crack team of webminers.]

Easy Dub Allstars’ reggae version of Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them.”  Nice riddim… [Tip ‘o the Tarboosh to “S&Dman” of Blogmocracy.]

And what is Halloween without Oingo Boingo? Danny Elfman’s band was tight and bizarre at the same time.  In 1980 or so, G-off and Bunk sat next to them at Madame Wong’s, buying them rounds and vice versa, without knowing who they were. Great show.


The .gif Friday Post No. 103 – Halloween Eve

Graphic Halloween_Everlasting Bloort 090928

Spook_CreepyGif 090928

Vincent Price Bug_Mogadonia 091029

[Found here, here and here. And then there’ s The Halloween Archive.]

Raw, um, talent

Thunder Thighs blowupdoll 091012

If that’s not bad enough, you can listen to their “hit” here.  Just remember, there are some things you can’t unhear.

(Here’s our archive of Crappy Album Covers. Don’t miss Strider’s archive, either; he’ll be adding this one shortly.)

[Found here via somewhere else.]

[Update 5 December 2009:  Good god. According to Strider, they had street cred in the UK. Lookee here.]

So What Are You Gonna Be For Halloween?

Mask_I Am The Cheese 091022

[Planetross found this garden wonder.]

[Update:  Plane emailed me and said the title of the post should have read “So What Are You Gonna Be IN for Halloween.”

I responded with “The Little Halloweener.” Any other captions we missed?]

Bite My Hot Links

Get Off My Blog_Bite Me Comics 091018

Anyone paying attention to the ongoing LGF soap opera will appreciate Bite Me Comics.  If you’re not, consider yourself fortunate.

Diesel’s book “Mercury Falls” is out on amazon. He’s  a funny guy who helped me get my blogging mojo. (More info here.)

The man who saved billions from starvation who you’ve probably never heard of: Norman Borlaug (1914-2009). Related video here (includes some unnessesary foul language from Penn Gillette).

Turning Number 1. I’ve got no clue what this is all about, but it’s yet more propaganda showing that the guy is always the idiot.

Little kids and the marshmallow torture.

Charlie Rose interviews himself and Steve is not happy. [Found here.]

Just click it. Do it. [Tip o’ the tarboosh to Bordm.]

Another TED video by someone I’ve never heard of talks about perceived value.

How not to get killed or maimed on the golf course (tip from Ken A.).

This page is under construction (via The Presurfer).

Granny Annie

Granny Annie0001

That’s Granny Annie, a retired volunteer schoolyard monitor who sends elementary school children to Purgatory for wearing socks with colors that haven’t been approved by the school magistrate.

That was a last minute request from Mrs. Strutts to submit a response to this contest:

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Saturday Matinee – Soupy, The Shining (Beta Version), Muddy Trucks, Haywire McClintock, Gatemouth Brown

[In Memoriam: Soupy Sales 1926-2009.
Here’s  Soupy’s last Birthday Party.]

I remember playing this for minutes on end.
[Found at HappyToast.]

What do rural teenagers do when there’s no satellite access? This.

THE classic hobo song performed by Harry “Haywire” McClintock. According to the Wikipoids, the song dates to a 1928 sheet music copyright by one “Billy Mack.” Prior to the widespread availability of recorded discs, most of the money to be made was in selling sheet music for parlor pianos.

McClintock sued for copyright infringement and lost, yet the song is usually attributed to McClintock anyway.

We’re gonna skip the history of country music, bluegrass and blues, and jump right into Clarence Gatemouth Brown’s “Okie Dokie Stomp,” originally recorded in 1954. (Song starts after a brief interview.) Not impressed? Then check out “Pressure Cooker” previously posted here.

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