Only Five. Not Four. Not Six.

1.  Practice vapidity/mental vacuity while focusing on a red hair bow.

2.  Wear red and ignore those who don’t.

3.  Hide your hands from sight.

4.  Visualize a dotted arc in space and pressure three children to admit that they see it also.

5.  Learn telekinesis and hover a miniature plastic funnel over a red square with white dots.

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Saturday Matinee – The Stones, Otis Redding and Bette Midler

Phil reminded me of this classic from “Some Girls,” one of my favorite Stones albums. We played that album so often that if you held it up to the light you could see through it.  (It’s also a shame that our crack team of webminers had to  go to a Russian website to find Мик Джаггер и Кит Ричардс из этого шоу субботу вечером, что было жить из Нью-Йорка.)

So why stop there?  Here’s a more recent version of “Shattered”  from the same album.

From the album “Tattoo You,” the song “Waiting on a Friend”  goes back to 1970, and I’m not even gonna comment on what Mick is wearing.

Otis Redding couldn’t get no satisfaction, even with Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn and the Memphis Horns backing him up.

Bette Midler’s take on “Beast of Burden” was excellent.

Have a great weekend, folks.

The .Gif Friday Post No.117 – Flipping, Bad Hose & Instant Death

[Found here, here and here.]

Books About DNA

Same rules apply as described here:

There are exactly two books that I’m gonna pre-purchase with cash. Before I take them off the shelf they will have increased in value and I’ll sell them back at double what I paid for them.

Then I’ll do it again.

[Found here.]

Male Anorexia Recovery Clinic

Think that’s disgusting? Wait until they all get up. Now imagine the sound of sweaty Naugahyde shifting, coupled with the scent of stale beer, talcum powder and flatulence.

What’s worse than that? YOU get to knock on their door at 2AM and tell them to quiet down.

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Real Canadian Original Swedish Fish

Oh, yeah. It’s Canadian. It’s Swedish. It’s Fish. Right.

What we’ve got here is 538.6 grams of sticky pogie bait gummiecrap being advertised and sold as Original Swedish Fish (as opposed to the ubiquitous knock-offs). You Canucks ought to be ashamed, regardless of the Olympics, so don’t try to pawn this one off on the Greeks. Where do you get off mocking the Swedes?

[Found in Bunk’s kitchen.]

Close Encounters of the Hot Links

Image found here.

Amazing interactive video. Take a drive through Haiti [found here.]

Cool Architecture and design here.

“But I don’t like Wikipedia.”

Axe Cop is AWESOME. Do not miss this action strip, created and written by a 5 year old, drawn by a 29 year old, and previously posted here. [The Awesome Miss C found this gem.]

Muddy Waters Iguana [via].


How to build a space station animation.

This blog post is fascinating in its basic analysis of the topic while being dissected in the comments section. [Found here.]

This looks like an entertaining time waster.

Never played snooker, don’t know the rules, but this is impressive. [Found here.]

What type are you? [Found here.]

How to get from Las Vegas to Honolulu here. Direction 26 is the tough part.

Nice collection of clips of Tom Waits in the movies.

Strider’s collection of  Crappy Album Covers is new and improved, cutting edge, wave of the future.

The Official Collection of Hot Links here.

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