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Take off your coat and pull up a Hot Links

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Crappercycle is designed to save paper toilet seat covers. Really.

“Sit Better – Fit Better – Feel Better – Naturally Better” is the motto of the manufacturer of a toilet seat made especially for wide loads  help you  5#!+ better. Really.

Here’s a clever fixture that allows evacuation without even pulling your pants down. Really.

Like music from the WWII era? Here you go.

Free cabin porn [via Woosk].

A five year old identifies corporate logos [via Miss Cellanea].

Goths Up Trees is self explanatory.

Big Bad Wolf is big (and dead).

Cool photos here.

Bunk Johnson.

We now conclude our broadcasting day.

Baby Zombie Rats With Trichinellosis Hot Links

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Title of this post courtesy of Lemur King.

The history of the mouse [via Neatorama].

WOW. The U.S. Library of Congress now has a free on line “National Jukebox” with a huge collection of recordings going back to 1900. WOW.

Mr. Obvious: The Critter.


Here’s a collection of biker tatts. [h/t Ken A.]

Trig functions interactive thingy is kinda cool.

Chris leaves notes around NYC and takes pictures of them.

Cheese + Onions Forever.

Falling cubes of Jello in slo-mo.

Pendula waves.

This guy is the King of the Trolls. CD player for sale.

This WILL keep you busy because it’s pure awesome. Really.

Close Encounters of the Hot Links

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Image found here.

Amazing interactive video. Take a drive through Haiti [found here.]

Cool Architecture and design here.

“But I don’t like Wikipedia.”

Axe Cop is AWESOME. Do not miss this action strip, created and written by a 5 year old, drawn by a 29 year old, and previously posted here. [The Awesome Miss C found this gem.]

Muddy Waters Iguana [via].


How to build a space station animation.

This blog post is fascinating in its basic analysis of the topic while being dissected in the comments section. [Found here.]

This looks like an entertaining time waster.

Never played snooker, don’t know the rules, but this is impressive. [Found here.]

What type are you? [Found here.]

How to get from Las Vegas to Honolulu here. Direction 26 is the tough part.

Nice collection of clips of Tom Waits in the movies.

Strider’s collection of  Crappy Album Covers is new and improved, cutting edge, wave of the future.

The Official Collection of Hot Links here.

Beyond the Valley of the Ultra Hot Links

Sunday, 26 July 2009

It’s a hand made aboriginal novelty fake turd_I Am The Cheese 090721

It’s not what you think it is. Click on the image, then scroll down for fun in the comments section. [Hint: It’s a handmade aboriginal novelty fake turd.]

Diesel’s “Mercury Falls” has a website here.

The Dullest Blog in the World [via].

Hey, this video is kinda funny.

This is a cool visual search dealie [found here].

Guess the nationality. You have 10 seconds per image.  (Bunk did amazingly well and miserably poor at the same time.)

I’m sure we posted this must-see before. Here’s Penn & Teller debunking global warming and environmentalism in general from several years ago.  Forget the language warning, let your kids see it in its entirety.  Click here.

Here’s a potentially life-changing video to watch (before you click here).

Best first page of any book ever (found here). The book’s got some great reviews here.

Ted Nugent NEVER holds back. Click this. [For G.Eagle Esq.]

Quick. What’s the Capitol of Brazil? Wrong. Ivan busts some of the stereotypes.

Military Magazine is a great non-glossy newsprint publication, filled with current affairs and commentary that doesn’t appear in the mainstream media.  Order a free sample copy, and tell ’em Bunk sent you.

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