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All I Need

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Squeezin’ Out The Hot Links

Ana Gloria and Ronaldo, Havana, 1957

Visit Rose at The Coffee Shop and sit next to the virtual fireplace.

Via the Transnational Pupshaw Association, this is Problematic. Click through for the vid.

Abandoned Paintings – the Classics depopulated.

Oh, man. They wasted Periwinkle.

“It’s a kite!” “No, it’s a camera!”

Francis Alÿs‘ animations.

Top image: Ana Gloria and Ronaldo, Havana, 1957. (Click the pic for a bonus.)

Baby Zombie Rats With Trichinellosis Hot Links

Title of this post courtesy of Lemur King.

The history of the mouse [via Neatorama].

WOW. The U.S. Library of Congress now has a free on line “National Jukebox” with a huge collection of recordings going back to 1900. WOW.

Mr. Obvious: The Critter.


Here’s a collection of biker tatts. [h/t Ken A.]

Trig functions interactive thingy is kinda cool.

Chris leaves notes around NYC and takes pictures of them.

Cheese + Onions Forever.

Falling cubes of Jello in slo-mo.

Pendula waves.

This guy is the King of the Trolls. CD player for sale.

This WILL keep you busy because it’s pure awesome. Really.

Sing Fer Yer Hot Links

Interesting collection of old songs about murders here with lots of stories.

Pink Floyd Tribute Band

22 photobombs by horses.

“We’re DOOOOMED!” Great display of doomsayers of the 1970s from Paleo Future.

Telephone books. [via]

Oddness is only one click away. [via]


Speak With Conviction addresses a west coast speech pattern?

Eric Clapton Tribute Band

Women laughing alone with salad.

Pixar’s Zoetrope display is verracool.

One Flew Over the Hot Links

Ted C

Photo mashup thingy here.
(Guess who it is before you click here.)

Most armpit farts in 30 seconds, viewable at the Universal Record Data Base.

Very cool algorithm experiments to mess with, like this one. [Found via The Presurfer.]

Great blog title with an excellent banner:  Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule.

Root boot, walk like Ent. Can’t describe it any other way.

I wonder what they were playing. CD Players in Space.

Hebebe. Bebe. Hebebebe. (here)

easter-eggsVideo lifted from an Spanish site that lifted from a Russian site that lifted from an American site, featuring Boots Randolph, here.

Bad eggs.  Here.

Who’s Who painting with embedded links here.

Can’t embed LiveLeak on WP, so here’s a link.

Got a small flock of blackbirds that show up once a year to snag the catfood on the patio.  Recognized GimpyBird from last year; he’s got a club foot. Not being a “birder” I found this excellent site to identify the little bastards.

Amy Oops has a new live chat widget on her site. Go here to talk trash about her (or me, as I guest post). When I visited on Thursday, she was spending her day off killing zombies.  The bad kind.

Here’s the Best Zombie Site. (Some NSFW, most NSFK.)


lumachine death skulls_Food-Info dot net


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