Have a Sam the Sham Halloween


Is it just me, or are they dancing to “Wooly Bully” by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs?

Alternate .mp3 version of “Wooly Bully” is available at here along with some other freebees. Rhino Records put out a Best Of compilation on vinyl decades ago, and it’s prolly available on CD.


“Hey there, Little Red Ridin’ Hood… You sure are lookin’ good… You’re everthang that a Big Bad Wolf could want… Ooooooow!”

Happy Hillarween


Not scary enough? Try this. (You need to get past the obnoxious unnecessary advertisement first.)

Here’s a scarier one:


That hair! Those bullseye pants! Those sandals! Those books she never read! And she’s sitting on an ottoman! AAAAUGH!


Now THIS woman, about the same age as the one in the photo above, deserves respect BECAUSE SHE’S EARNED IT. (If I was a militant Islamo-fascist, I’d be very afraid…)
[Good God, I need to track the sources of these photos better. Lemme know if you know the sources and I’ll update the post. –Bunk]

Saturday Matinee: Halloween

Sorry to pop your bubble of modern-day belief, but Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, was NOT a celebration of Satan’s birthday. It was a pagan custom designed to keep evil spirits from taking possession of their souls. The evil dead walked on this night, searching for souls to take. The preventative antidote was to dress up as the evil spirits themselves, and thus confuse them through the night so that they could take no souls.

Then Disney came along to give 5-year-olds nightmares with this:

[Link found here.]

But wait! There’s more! Several years ago a friend emailed me this:

Lastly, Karen from SNTC reminded me of the scariest one of all.
Mary’s Back.

Cinderella Slipper Search Engine


The first thought that came to mind when I saw this was,
“Well, whip me, beat me, and call me Irma.”
Deliberately changing the topic, this Bunk is fascinated by the words that some folks use to find Tacky Raccoons. Here’s a list of recent search engine terms:

ascii raccoon
woody pecker cat
alpaca snot
lunch lady
the chips rubber biscuit
mint hassenpfeffer
batmobile magnets
raccoons chewing sprinkler heads

I’d dodge feeding Mrs. Strutt’s cat for a day just to find out what those internet surfers were really looking for, especially “woody pecker cat” and “alpaca snot.” I hope they found what they were looking for here. If anyone has a better link for those two search terms, please post it in the comments. I’ll update this post and help hundreds, if not thousands of people searching for the same things.

P.S. I’ll accept hassenpfeffer recipes, too, mint or otherwise.

[Photo, with link to other odd footwear here, and Snopes has the Cinderella Slipper myth busted here.]

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