1955 Eshelman

Engine compartment under restoration.

There was a children’s version too. Images with stories found here and here.

Mallophagous Hot Links

All I Need Tonight (Is You), Gentleman Jesse & His Men (2019) Live at Fuzzville #5, L’Albir, Valencia, Spain. 1970s garage punk for the ears of today.


Old friends.


Victims of ancestry.

Power washing p0rn.

The 10th Amendment.

This is not a baby crow.

How To Mind Your Business.

Tell me again. Whose choice?

Up the turbine via Bunkerville.

George and Mabel (The Real Story).

Invasions de Ballons via Mme. Jujujive.

Nobudtaka Aozaki made a map h/t Gord S.

One-room roller coaster via Memo Of The Air.

A simple request: A friend posted this video on Youtube. You don’t have to watch it, just click the like button. That’s it. 😀

[Top image: Spotted in Puerto Rico and captioned here.]

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Saturday Matinee – Messer Chups, Kevin Ayers w/ Ollie Halsall, & Bob

From St. Petersburg, Russia,  Messer Chups is listed under vampire space zombie surf rock.
Oleg Gitaracula – guitar
Zombierella – Bass
Rockin Eugene – Drums

Kevin Ayers with Ollie Halsall, 1981 Barcelona. Nice groove, too bad he had to sing. British rock journalist Nick Kent once wrote: “Kevin Ayers and Syd Barrett were the two most important people in British pop music. Everything that came after came from them.”

Idiot Wind is a Bob Dylan classic, pretty much my favorite, and it doesn’t have to do with weather, even though it’s blowing like hell around these parts.

That’ll do for now. See you tomorrow if we don’t get blown away.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 790 – Pounding Mochi, The Photograph & A Milk Snot Shot

[Found here, here and here.]

Mardi Gras – Gitcha Gitcha Gris Gris Gumbo Yaya!

Bourbon Street Parade, Al Hirt (1993)

Here’s some more Fat Tuesday stuff. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Resipiscent Hot Links

Cadillac Boogie, Jimmy Liggins and his Drops of Joy (1947) Precurser to (and influence of) Jackie Brenston’s Rocket 88 (1951).
Jimmy Liggins – guitar & vocals
Charlie “Little Jazz” Ferguson, Harold Land – tenor sax
James Dedmon – alto sax
Glen Willis – trumpet
Eugene Watson – piano
Jonathan Bagsby – bass
Leon Petties – drums


Say it. SAY IT.

Roomba showdown.

The Grin of Success.

When AI bots go bad.

Der Splatter-Meister.

About Kill a Haole Day.

Random Comic Generator.

Psychopath vs. Sociopath.

1997 interview with Buddy Guy.

Bags of Wonder [via Mme. Jujujive].

The Endless Zip-Line [via Bunkerville].

The GREATEST bollard soundtrack in history.

Just another fat and blushing girl from Chelsea.
[via Memo Of The Air]

Hydraulic Press Channel is a fine collection of things being destroyed with a hydraulic press.

[Top image: Economy anti-scratch collar found here, via Feral Irishman.]

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