I call photoshop.

It’s a tribute to the work of THIS GUY (who explains it all in the video).

Photo of 7 mo. old “Murphy” was originally posted on a number of SubReddits on 6 December 2020 by Adamsma77.  [h/t Dina S.]

Ventilabral Hot Links

I Do, The Marvelows (1965) Formed in Chicago in the 1950s  as Little Satan & The Demons, later as The Mystics, the group landed a recording deal with ABC-Paramount in 1964 and became The Marvelows. In 1968, to avoid being confused with The Marvellos, they became The Mighty Marvelows and recorded In The Morning.

Don’t eat it.

Aerchie’s Norty Blues.

Sandwiches rotating slowly.

Eatin’ the bottle [h/t Chuck C.].

…a redneck hick.” [h/t Gord S.].

Penn Gillette’s Great Green Gobs.

Rock and roll tree scooter [via Bunkerville].

When you know someone’s taking a photo.

The Peeps of Willendorf [via Mme. Jujujive].

Early cinematic special effects [via Memo Of The Air].

Newark NJ partnered with a country that doesn’t exist.

[Top image: Alarm clock from 1643 found by Mr. Philosopher Mouse.]

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Resipiscent Hot Links

Cadillac Boogie, Jimmy Liggins and his Drops of Joy (1947) Precurser to (and influence of) Jackie Brenston’s Rocket 88 (1951).
Jimmy Liggins – guitar & vocals
Charlie “Little Jazz” Ferguson, Harold Land – tenor sax
James Dedmon – alto sax
Glen Willis – trumpet
Eugene Watson – piano
Jonathan Bagsby – bass
Leon Petties – drums


Say it. SAY IT.

Roomba showdown.

The Grin of Success.

When AI bots go bad.

Der Splatter-Meister.

About Kill a Haole Day.

Random Comic Generator.

Psychopath vs. Sociopath.

1997 interview with Buddy Guy.

Bags of Wonder [via Mme. Jujujive].

The Endless Zip-Line [via Bunkerville].

The GREATEST bollard soundtrack in history.

Just another fat and blushing girl from Chelsea.
[via Memo Of The Air]

Hydraulic Press Channel is a fine collection of things being destroyed with a hydraulic press.

[Top image: Economy anti-scratch collar found here, via Feral Irishman.]

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 784 – Drowsy Doggo, Big Caterwall & An Octo Storm

[Big cat attack found here, and I misplaced the links to the others. Bummer.]

The .Gif Friday Post No. 756 – Headbangin’ Baby, Wigglin’ Pup & Dancin’ a Happy

[Found here, here and here.]

Fur The Birds

It’s a fur feeder. Fill it with Fido’s and Fluffy’s cast-off coats and give it to the birds to line their nests with. [Found here.]

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