Ants are just a palate cleanser.

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The .Gif Post No. 506 – White Blazer, Wave Save & Crash Survival

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Sam’s Pizza, Sam’s Hamburgers, Sam’s Fries, Sam’s Beer, Sam’s Wine, Sam’s Coca-Cola and Mike.

Sam's Special 5Sam's Special. 3Sam's Special Sam's Special. 2Sam's Special 4

While surfing the internest, I spotted the buck sign and my first impulse was “I want to go there.” Then I found what appeared to be related images, but I wasn’t sure if they were photos of the same place or where it was. On a whim I googled “Sam’s Hamburgers” and everything synched up.

Sam’s is a popular burger joint in San Francisco, the owner’s name is not Sam, and it was established in 1966. I read this review from 2013 and decided to include a visit to Sam’s on my bucket list.

Then I found this. Apparently owner Mike Shawa (nephew of the founder) passed away recently at the age of 70. Damn. That’s still young these days. The place survived the opening of a Carl’s Jr. down the street, so I expect it will survive this setback, too.

And it’s still on my bucket list.

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Saturday Matinee – NASA 1961, Jason D. Williams, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, & The Yonder Mountain String Band

This magnificent feat was engineered with slide rules, and it amounted to blasting a giant bullet containing a human into the sky, then recovering both it and Alan Shepard intact [via]. Those early astronauts had big brass ones, and the creepy music made it even better. (John Glenn appears at 04:15.)

Speaking of Great Balls of Fire, here’s the next best thing to The Killer. Jason D. Williams pounds the ivories with Sticks McGhee‘s 1947 classic “Drinkin’ Wine Spo-dee-o-dee.”

Spodiodi was street slang for chipping in for a cheap bottle of fortified wine in a brown paper bag and sharing it with your buddies. Urban Dictionary says “Spodiodi” is a glass of wine spiked with bourbon. Nah.

BTW, Sticks McGhee was the brother of Brownie McGhee, who partnered with harmonica player Sonny Terry known for his harmonica whooping. “Key to the Highway” was covered by many, including what’s his name. That famous British guy. You know. That guy.

Here’s some Easy-On-The-Ear-Holes stuff from The Yonder Mountain String Band. They need some authentic whooping in my opinion. Maybe even some eefin.

Have a great weekend, folks, and be glad that you’re not in Turkey.

Feral Wombat Avoids Capture After Emerging From the Sub-Cutaneous Protocranial Region of Amy Winehouse’s Head

Pendlemont Turnstile East, England (Strutts News Services)

In an unprecedented feat of unnatural chamomile and a verified act of a genuine changeling, singer Amy Winehouse successfully produced a live wombat from her head, with neither provocation nor warning Thursday, in front of three of her four close friends (two of which didn’t show).

Due to years of self-inflicted mental and physical abuse, Ms. Winehouse came forward and admitted to Senior Reporter Bonnie Phumph (Strutts News Services) that she had indeed succeeded in her ongoing mind-altering experiments.

“It’s only natural that I should produce apparitions like this. I see them all the time, and it’s about time you did, too,” stated the formerly attractive Ms. W.

The unusually coloured black wombat emerged, scratched itself a bit, and wandered off into the hinterlands of the internest; Ms. Winehouse quietly followed and retired for a three-day nap prior to wandering off herself.

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