I think I know what it means, but I’m not sure.

[Both images from Chiquiworld.  Don’t blame him.]

We just found out that today is also “Blog Day.”  Well woo freakin’ hoo.  Lessee, we got USA, Australia, Canada, England, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Kentucky all covered.  Kind of a big “Duh” there.  Many of the blogs that we find interesting are already on our blogroll, and the others that we read frequently are major league babosos that don’t need the advertisement.

In summary:
–Joey Dee & the Starlighters, Live at the Peppermint Lounge

Saturday Matinee: ?, Frank, James, Tina, plus Booker, Steve & Duck

? and the Mysterians’ “96 Tears” was a classic. Rudy “?” Martinez (vocals), Bobby Balderrama (guitar), Frank Rodriquez (organ), Frank Lugo (bass) and Eddie Serrato (drums) were from Saginaw Michigan, according to BillBoard’s Top Pop Singles (which categorizes them as a punk band — go figger).

I learned “Question Mark’s” real name years ago from a black girl who played bass left-handed without re-stringing.  She said her mom went to school with him.

I’m embarrassed to even include this clip of “The Riddler” from the obnoxious Batman TV series.  Okay, no I’m not.  Deal with it.  Frank Gorshin was the best as the Riddler, but even I didn’t make it through this clip.  Lemme know how it comes out.

Frank Gorshin plays chicken in the 1956 movie “Hot Rod Girl.”

Okay, let’s drop this hot rod question mark stuff right now. Gonna have a SHINDIG!

Oh, man, this is a load o’ gold raised from the pits of hits, so hold on to your stax o’ wax and move to the groove of SHINDIG!  Good God!  Too hot to handle and too cold to hold, so cash in this golden goodie for a Woodie, ’cause here’s a sample o’ soul times infinity! If you don’t know who’s playin’, then I’m not sayin’!  ROLL IT!

Obama’s Roadtrip

Cool Aggregator’s got an interesting take on McCain’s choice of Palin as a running mate.  Looky.

[.Gif animation from Random Good StuffFor some reason the animation isn’t animating here. Click the link to see it in action. –Bunk]

We have a Winner! Sorta.

Regarding THIS CHALLENGE, everyone who submitted a .jpg file of a guy pointing directly at the Hi-Def camera during the NY vs. Boston game, 4 July 2008, at Yankee Stadium, won the prize.

Note that everyone who won is named Mik.

Here’s Mik‘s Winning Entry above, but it was not the one I was looking for.  Here’s the one I found below:

Since everyone (Mik) who entered emailed me to complain about the time they wasted trying to find the Pointer, I emailed Mik back with a detailed description of his prize:

A Genuine Motile WR30M “Third/Level Waterproof LED Back Light Sportwatch” (sic) made China, including display case and instructions!

Shown at right in its display case on top of tonight’s leftovers, it keeps time, beeps and lights up (as shown below right) and times things once you figger out the directions.  It’s apparently a knockoff of something made by Timex, but also something a 10 year old little bastard would prize until he finds out through trial and error that “water-resistant” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing in Mandarin.

Mik had so much annoying fun with this contest that he’s declined his award (he already has a Chinese “sportwatch”) and is willing to donate it to a future event.  Bunk never argues against generosity.  Y’all are forewarned.  Another competition is in the works.  Or not.

[Thanks, Mik!]

The Influence of the Pueblo

[Images on the left are from the amazing Hanuman.
Images on the right are from here, here and here.]


Welcome to the Convention, guys.
Ignore the man behind the curtain.

In all truth, these fellas aren’t part of the DNC Convention protest crowd.  They’re pretty tame by comparison.  According to Zombie/LGF/Pajamas media, the communists and anarchists have joined up to protest the socialists for a fun filled week of idiocy.

Zombie, if you’re not familiar with him, is a photo journalist who infiltrates left-wing political and counter-culture protests and posts the images on his website.  Some of the images he captures include profanity laden banners (and blatantly obscene images in at least one street festival) so I won’t link directly to his website.  But you can see the latest coverage at both Pajamas Media and LGF.  It’s hilarious, if not pathetic.

[I lost the link to the Melonheads above, but it’s been around for a while.]

Miss Blank

Not much explanation is necessary for these, unless you have dirt on the babes that you wanna share.

Miss Darby’s Restaurant.

Miss Arthur Godfrey Road.

Miss Auto Show 1965 is really Miss Van Nuys, standing next to Mr. Scissors who is cutting off the last of her tentacles.

Miss WSTC Alumni 1948.

Miss OCT 60.

Miss Somethingorother 1946, Taylor, Texas. (Standing on stilettos in dirt, her name is Flo Kruger, age 16.)

Miss Lightning-Bolts-Coming-Out-of-Her-Head 1963.

[Images from Square America and here, here & here.]

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