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Cantina Blues, Kevin MacLeod (2008) His music is ubiquitous, he’s composed 1,000s of tunes and soundtrack material, and, because of his disdain for copyrights, he gives it away. Some of MacLeod’s work is free for download on his website, and a documentary is coming.


Spooky Eye Cheeseball.

The Annual Pumpkin Roll.

Halloween decoration fails.

Samhain, Samuin & Samfuin.

Claude Raines costume (for Zoom).

Halloween Glow In The Dark Terrible Towel.

Thwarting body snatchers. [h/t Mme. Jujujive]

13th Floor Haunted House: “They kindly prepare you for what’s going to happen by telling you the legends, then letting you see how much worse the reality is.”
[More haunted attractions here.]

Not sure why anyone would want to avoid Halloween candy leftovers, but here’s a calculator.
[h/t Innocent Bystanders]

No masks, no clown or priest costumes, no corsets, no trick-or-treating for 14 year olds, no Sunday celebrations, no fake mustaches in church, no silly string. In some places, no Halloween PERIOD. Know the Halloween Laws.

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Saturday Matinee – The Firebirds, Dracula’s Daughters, Mad Jack & the Hatters, and The Meteors

The Firebirds were the only British band to play the 2002 Rockabilly Festival, which marked the 50th anniversary of Sun Records and 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.

Dracula’s Daughters are Emily & Elizabeth Butters (with Forrest Butler and Jim, Mitch & Elias from Boston’s Triple Thick).

Mad Jack and the Hatters are, um, interesting…

Formed in South London in 1980, The Meteors are considered the first verifiable psychobilly band (and the second band to use the term).

Halloween be upon us, so carve a squash, spook the kids, mock the mask-mongers and have fun sending the Aos Sí back to their hidey holes for another year. See you back here for tricks and treats tomorrow.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 704 – Spook Bob Scarepants, Vigorous Exorcise & Dead Eyeroll

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More Halloweenies here and here; h/t Nate L. for Freddie. Apologies for not keeping track of the other image sources. Click to enlarge the awesomicity.

The Flash Basbo Atomic Camper


It’s got everything you need for camping at Area 51, including a ray gun. Seriously, a ray gun.

The Atomic Camper is solar-powered and includes a full bathroom, kitchen and shower. Click for larger images.

[Found here. Other images and story here, here and elsewhere. Kinda sorta related post here.]

Sepicolous Hot Links

Echo Four-Two, Bad Manners (1980)Bad Manners hooked me with their cover of Millie Small‘s 1964 hit My Boy Lollipop (a cover of My Girl Lollipop credited to Robert Spencer of The Cadillacs and recorded by Barbie Gaye in 1956).  Bad Manners also recorded one of the prettiest reggae love songs ever: Samson and Delilah.


Red Jelly.

The jazz retriever.

Amazing trick shots [via].

Elephants squashing squash.

Birth month frequency chart.

The Police Lip-Synch Challenge.

Fluid dynamics of swimming ducks.

LARRY FERRARI—Radio, Television & Recording Artist/

[Top image: Will Elder and Al Jaffee.]

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Saturday Matinee – The Cadillac Three, Si Cranstoun & The Electric Flag

The Cadillac Three (originally known as The Cadillac Black) have been around a while with several albums with hits on the country charts. Good stuff.

A combination of Louis Prima, Little Richard, Jackie Wilson, Chubby Checker and Joey Dee, Si Cranstoun arrived on the London scene in the early 1990s to keep the ’40s to ’50s rock n’ soul music styles alive.

Wild cover of The Night Caps‘ 1959 hit. From the Uto0bage comments:

The Electric Flag performing at the Monterey Pop Festival, in 1967. The musicians in the band are: Mike Bloomfield (guitar); Harvey Brooks (bass); Nick Gravenites (vocals & percussion); Sivuca (guitar & percussion); Barry Goldberg (keyboards); Herbie Rich (keyboards & tenor sax); Mike Fonfara (keyboards); Buddy Miles (drums); Peter Strazza (tenor sax); Marcus Doubleday (trumpet); Stemzie Hunter (baritone sax).”

I must have a lot of time flies buzzing around because the days and weeks are blazing by. Maybe that’s a good thing, but I have my doubts. Have a great weekend, consider what you’ll do IF and WHEN, and we’ll se you back here tomorrow.


The .Gif Friday Post No. 703 – OMG A PUMPKIN! Laundrocat & A Cat Thing

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