All Hallow’s Eve Grumpkins – A Retrospective

Our Grumpkins were known to make dogs bark and little kids cry. A red Sharpie marker, a serrated boning knife and Tom Waits’ “Bone Machine” / Mickey Hart’s “Planet Drum” blasting through the neighborhood made it all worthwhile.

The neighborhood kids are all grown up now…


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

9 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Eve Grumpkins – A Retrospective”

  1. LC Aggie– Years ago I’d collect portraits from the newspapers, darken the shadows with a pen, then draw the shapes of the light areas onto the pumpkin and cut those out. Now I just wing it. I can’t bring myself to use templates.

    kdub– Planet Drum is/was awesome. All rhythm. You’ve got a nice site, BTW. [in yr blog, stealn yr stuf]


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