The .Gif Friday Post No. 795 – Mudvision, The Escaladies & Rail Fail

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Lightly Salted Service

FNGs await assignment
Veterans ready for discharge

“If you visit Dothan, Alabama, you might notice a few fun characters standing about 4 feet tall along the side of the road. Actually, you could see around 67 of them around the city if you keep an eye out. These colorful characters are part of a public art project by The Downtown Group of Dothan, and each one is a peanut. After all, Dothan proclaims to be the ‘Peanut Capital of the World,’ with approximately half of the peanuts in the United States grown within a 100-mile radius.”

Peanut Capital of the World? Might want to walk that one back a tad, Dothan.

[More peanut people here.]

Bdellotomic Hot Links

My Girl Sloopy, The Vibrations (1964) The Jayhawks recorded the hit Stranded In The Jungle in 1956, changed their name to The Marathons, and eventually became The Vibrations. The McCoys’ 1965 cover (retitled Hang On Sloopy) is the better known, and The Yardbirds’ version is just awful. Now about Dottie Sloop

High score.

Bubbly Brain.

Search Zippy.

It seems odd to me.

Dance hard [sound up].

The Survivability Onion.

Bdellotomic is not a typo.

Pure awesome from 1980.

It’s  in the hole [h/t Gord S.].

The Dancer [via Mme. Jujujive].

THE Ringtone [via Bunkerville].

Drifting plates [via Memo Of The Air].

Hard on the eyes yet cool at the same time.

NA Intermodal Units Rail Traffic has  a pulse, and 2023 is down for some reason. [h/t GuardDuck]

[Top image: Best guess is that’s a late 1940s Chevrolet 5700 COE truck, courtesy Chuck C. Now chop that top.]

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Saturday Matinee – Guldies, The Howlin’ Brothers & The North Mississippi Allstars

Lots of gloopy in this oddity by Swedish animator Alexander Unger, aka Guldies.

According to their bio, The Howlin’ Brothers sound “like what would happen if a bunch of Appalachian punk rockers formed a jug-band.
Close enough.

Luther and Cody Dickenson and bassist Chris Chew make up The North Mississippi Allstars. They’ve been around for a while, and crank out some damn fine roots blues and bluegrass, like this cover of Charley Patton’s Mississippi Bo Weevil Blues (1929).

Gonna leave it right there. See you tomorrow.

The .Gif Post No. 794 – Xylophobia, AK-47 vs Pumpkin Slo-Mo & A Time Traveler


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The future of Arthur Radebaugh

Fighting forest fires to save the wildlife… with ICBMs.

NOMICS@%^&*(^*>ALGEBR isn’t taught in school anymore.

Mom is always ready… for something.

From Closer Than We Think, Arthur Radebaugh, 1950s.
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Dodder Fodder

So some meme fodder appeared recently and I decided to take it for a spin. These were posted previously (FuBuk, Twitzerz) so some of you may have seen the sneak preview.

I pity the guy for his condition.

And yeah, I was bored.

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