El Lobster Fabuloso

Cropped image of a Rainbow Lobster Panulirus ornatus.
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The Bloonship

The Blimp, Captain Beefheart (1969)

Ochlocratic Hot Links

I Wanna Know, Ruben & The Jets (1974) Founded by Rubén Guevara Jr., this is not the Frank Zappa / Mothers of Invention alias band of 1968. Guevara’s Jets recorded two albums, For Real! (1973) and Con Safos (1974).


That’s Amoron.

A Covid update.

Dream Rule No. 2.

This is awkward.
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THIS is party music.

‘Balmin’ the mummies.

Sodpoodle speaks truth.

The Dance of the Zaouli.
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The Dance of the Ostrich.
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The Dance of the Shoebill.

The Dance of the Corn Dog.
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The Dance of the Jelly-like Siphonophores.

[Top image: István Csurka, founder of the Hungarian nationalist MIÉP party, 23 October 2003. Image found here.]

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Saturday Matinee – Ren Gill, Mocca Garden & Laid Back Country Picker

Ren Gill is a Welsh musician / performance artist who tells heavy (and often dark) stories in his songs and videos.

I was about to categorize him as merely a talented multi-media character actor until I read his horrific story in the Daily Mail. In 2009 he woke up severely ill with what he described as the worst hangover he’d ever had, but it didn’t go away. After years of misdiagnoses that included physical and psychological treatments, specialists eventually identified the culprit as chronic Lyme Disease in 2016.

Mocca Garden is a ska / reggae band from Thailand. Can’t find much about them, but this (translated) page explains what to wear to their shows.

Laid Back Country Picker (LBCP) is guitar slinger LB, Honey Bun on drums, and that’s about all anybody really needs to know.
[h/t Gorehound]

Have a great weekend folks and we’ll deal with the balloons tomorrow.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 787 – Jumpy Critters, Blockheadbanger & Swimming at 33rpm

[Found here and here. Clipped the raccoons from here.]


“Ma’am do you know why I pulled you over?”
“What seems to be the officer, problem?”
“Stop resisting, ma’am.”
And that’s why it’s called a Ford Escape.
Which album cover is this?

[Image and captions found here, h/t Charlen806.]

Update: Cropped and tweaked the image for fun:

“Open the pod bay door, Hal.”

A.I. Creates Universal Sign Language IHONIALLLILAL

“Someone asked AI to make a sign language manual, in case you’re worried that we’ll all be out of a job soon.”

[Top image and caption found here, story here.]

Stuff I Do When I’m Bored

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Interlucational Hot Links

Oh My Lover, The Chiffons (1963) Throughout rock and roll history, vocal groups have spent entire careers in search of hit bound melodies and captivating lyrics. In the reverse of that equation, the Chiffons garnered their greatest success because a hit song was in search of a group.” That song was not it. Their cover of Tonight’s The Night was.




Fighting the HOA.

The Dumpster of Wonder.

The Woodcock of Carmen.

Harvey Whetstone’s rocket.

The Forger [via Mme. Jujujive].

Hubert Sumlin’s guitar lesson.

34,000 year old lunar calendar.

Ribs and corsets [via Memo Of The Air].

US Army Corps of Engineers Cat Calendar.

Precision trucking in Japan [via Bunkerville].

R.I.P. Gerard Vanderleun (1945-2023).

[Top image: Sketch of unknown ANZAC Infantryman by David Barker, Gallipoli, 1915.]

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