More Halloweenies here and here; h/t Nate L. for Freddie. Apologies for not keeping track of the other image sources. Click to enlarge the awesomicity.

Election Day In California

Sacramento has been out of control for years. Not too long ago, the State of California, were it a separate and independent country, would have ranked at No. 8 in prosperity world wide. Not so any more.

California is not completely lost… yet. Watch what happens in the regional and local elections. The results will tell you if California has a ghost of a chance of recovering from gross fiscal mismanagement and fascist socialism.

[Image found here.]

I’m the One in the Middle.


Bunk Strutts has a short history on SNTC that is preserved for posterity that you can find here: History of Bunk

Many of my SNTC posts are worse than the others, and I’ll prolly recycle some of them here, with links to the originals. After all, I’m not that original. I’m just another internet miner, making time to do what you don’t have time for, and all in fun.

By the way, the photo came from a guy who found someone’s family album at swap meet in southern California, and couldn’t bear to just throw ’em away, so he posted them here.

Review the photos, then tell me that you don’t know these people.

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