Saturday Matinee: Planet Drum, Sirens, Spelling Bee Champ, Wright

Here’s Micky Hart’s Planet Drum from a few years back.  (I have one of the Planet Drum CDs that I play at full blast from my porch on Halloween.  I love the way it echoes around the neighborhood, even if Mrs. Strutts hates it.  When she’d complain, I’d switch to Tom Wait’s “Bone Machine.”  She doesn’t complain about Planet Drum anymore.)

The Sirens from “O Brother Where Art Thou” sang a song both pretty and dangerous.  Great movie.

Spelling Bee pro.  Great recovery.

Ferret nail trimming tips (via AAF.)

Steven Wright… well, you know what they say.  C’mon. You know.

The .gif Friday Post 65: Animated Scales


Fun for seconds on end.

[These are not rulers.  Kings and queens are rulers.  These Geek Scales were found via RGS.]

The Dawn of Efficiency


And boy was Dawn efficient.  According to her husband, she was a regular filament-winding prodigy.

[Image with caption from the master of Captionland,  Fengtastic.]

How to get linked to Chelsea Clinton’s website

First you start a website called “Tacky Raccoons.”  Then, while under duress to make a late post, you find an amusing story about a guy in China who wants to make a robot-likeness of Hillary Clinton.  Then while trying to be clever and funny you accidentally misreport the story, claiming that the Chinese guy has made a Chelseabot.

The following day, you notice that a new website has thrown you some traffic, so you click on the link, only to find this:


So you scroll to the bottom and discover that you’re now world famous, and that you knocked Wonkette off the preferred status list on Chelsea’s Blog.


Now I’ve got nothing against Chelsea Clinton.  As far as I can tell she’s completely innocent of wrongdoing, except for having an automated blog that she doesn’t run.

By the way, there’s no photoshoppery here.  I stitched 3 unedited screenshots for the first image (amateurish, I admit… you can spot the stitches) and cropped and enlarged the 3rd for legibility.  Honest.

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Sometimes when we look for something new to post, we crank up the google mo-sheen and type in gibberish just to see what pops.  So we typed in “poog” because it sounds funny.  No explanation for it other than it appears on this mysterious site.

China Reverse-Engineers Chelsea Clinton


Beijing, China (Strutts New Services) – On Thursday, the People’s Republic of China revealed that they have perfected an audio-animatronic version of Ex-President Clinton’s daughter Chelsea.

On conditions of anonymity, Chelsea Clinton responded, “Eeew. That’s not me. That’s like my Mom, you dork. Like ‘DUH.'”

The robot giggles incoherently, serves tea, and pets the servants when directed, exactly like her mama does, but without the head butts.

The animatron correctly responds to up to ten questions with pre-programmed responses.  These responses include, “I don’t remember,” “I don’t recall,”  “Are you serious?” and “GTF out of this office.”


[ERRATA:  Strutts News Services neglected to verify the accuracy of information provided by unrelated sources while composing this post.  The Robot in the photo is neither Chelsea Clinton, nor Hillary Clinton, but a random slutbot.  The creator, Mr. Wang Wenrong only intends to build a Hillarybot.  The editors of Strutts News Services regret the error.]

[Image from here, with more info here.  Related post here.]

Saturday Matinee: Hollies, Checkmates, Guitar Strings, Waits & Satchmo

The Hollies’  “Just One Look”  was a 1964 cover of Doris Troy’s 1963 hit. [More tomorrow.]

[Via Ms. C.]

[Via EK.]

Since Phil posted a TW vid, here’s a reposte.  Tom Waits never sings the same song the same way twice.

One of the prettiest songs ever sung.  Oh Yeah.

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