I’m pretty sure I need these.

[Found in here.]

The Tally Sheet

I found this in the recycle box about a month ago and realized that I’d found an ancient calendar of sorts.

Although I can’t read the runes, it appears to be a tally of something, registered almost daily, sorted in eight stacked blocks, with horizontal lines dividing the rows 5/3. Most squares contain three or four “events” and some have only two. Some days are missing, some are x’ed out and Monday appears only twice. It spans 26 weeks, half a year.

I’d ask the Missus, but that would be too easy.
Maybe I really don’t want to know.

In case you missed it

WordPress was inexplicably shut down today (affecting 10.2 million blogs, including this one) but the techs brought service back in only 110 minutes. Amazing response time.

WP News here.



Sometimes when we look for something new to post, we crank up the google mo-sheen and type in gibberish just to see what pops.  So we typed in “poog” because it sounds funny.  No explanation for it other than it appears on this mysterious site.

All-American Lunch Ladies: Sandwiches, Pastries, Pastries, Chips, Chips, Chips

Back Row: Jennie, Heide, Mary, Jean, Antoinette, Billy, Betty, Virginia, Charlotte, Wilma, Henrietta.
Front Row: Joyce, Ruth, Fay, Connie, and Doris.

These fine women kept the lovely Mrs. Strutts from starving to death in High School. I am forever in their debt.

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