Confess your racism, Susie.

Teach your preschooler that skin color matters. Written by a racist for racists, it’s sold in the children’s section at Target.

I debated with myself on whether or not to post this, but then the voice in my head asked, “What are you afraid of?” The voice made a good point, so there it is.

[The 1st video posted here is related.]

Natural Sunscreen

Snail Burn

Kinda creeps me out, not so much for the snails, but for everything else – the solar cooker, the scary dude lurking behind the canvas recliner, the ominous black car that the thug drove up in…

Apparently that’s Fin Keheler from Sandy UT, attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Records for keeping the most live snails on his face for ten seconds.  He succeeded with 43 in 2009, breaking the previous record of 36.

[Found here.]

So Wrong. NSFK

NSFK = Not Safe For Kids. You’ve been warned. Continue reading “So Wrong. NSFK”

Latawnya, the Naughty Horse

What a children’s classic, complete with illustrations of horses drinking and smoking. The plot summary of this 29 page work of excellence follows [spoiler alert]:

Latawnya the Naughty Horse comes from a large family, and she and her sisters Daisy and Latoya go out to play where they meet up with some horses that are smoking drugs and drinking alcohol, so Latawnya the Naughty Horse joins them and gets sick. Her sister horses rat her out to her parents. Her father, James, tells her about one of his horse friends who died from an overdose, Latawnya the Naughty Horse says that drugs and and alcohol are bad, and her parent horses kiss and hug her. The End.

There are many questions left unresolved in this pressure cooker, like where do horses get drugs and alcohol and how do they pay for it?  Who in their right mind gives horses lighters and matches? How do horses hug?  Why did  Latawnya, the Naughty Horse, have to try out smoking and drinking first before she came to her own conclusions? Guess we’ll have to wait for the sequel.

[Fully illustrated novel may be reviewed in its entirety here.  Found here.]

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