Bunky’s Grumpkin 2010

I’m proud to say that my grumpkins make big dogs bark and little kids cry. Previous year’s grumpkins can be found here and here.

Sunday Matinee – All Hallow’s Eve: Tom Waits, Laundromat, Ella Fitzgerald, Freddie King

Tom Waits’ “Underground” is perfect for Halloween. Just like this one:

There’s a new tenant who moved into the suite next door to my office. None of us have seen anyone come or go, but they installed black opaque film on the windows. I hear a lot of drilling, odd thumps, walking around on the roof, and occasionally the sound of running water… true.

This guy’s got some spooky short vids. Here’s Fewdio’s “Laundromat.” [via]

Let’s lighten it up a bit with some Classic EllaScat.

Freddy King’s “Goin’ Down.”

Have a great Halloween, folks, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Jungle Graffiti Lizard Man Costume

Unfortunately we misplaced the linky to this image, but it’s a good ‘un for those who are still looking for the perfect last minute Halloween costume. If one of these guys come knocking at your door tomorrow night, just say, “Here ya go, Bunk! Don’t eat me!” and empty the candy barrel into my rucksack. I’ll silently nod in thanks, and I’ll see to it that your tires aren’t flat on Monday morning.

(For those of you who were expecting The Saturday Matinee, it’s been postponed and will show up tomorrow on All Hallow’s Eve.)

The .Gif Friday Post No. 149 – Cube Float, Domocat, Hole Drop

[Found here, here and here.]

The Dark Nought

This Dark Knot, aka “The Cat in the Bat,” aka “Catman Deux,” aka “Die Katezefledermaus,” would be a totally worthless superhero, spending most of his time licking and scratching himself, sleeping, taking short sleep breaks just to eat and occasionally chasing shadows.

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Digital Streaming In An Analog World

Nevermind the photoshopoopage, but that’s some odd robotic whizardry there. Even little boybots need to drain the oil occasionally, just like the big bots do.

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Church Seats Are Go

Some of you may have noticed an improvement in the Tacky Raccoon HQ rec room restrooms recently. Yep, that’s right, the old cracked wooden butt-pinchers have been replaced with Church Seats. We’re going green, and the best part is that Church Seats will stay stunning.

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