House Spiders

Marlin Peterson did it (and those are daddy longlegs, aka harvesters, not spiders) on the roof of the Armory at the Seattle Center.

[Found here. More info and a timelapse video here. It’s in Google Maps satellite view, too.]

There’s a huge bug in the tent.

Or not.

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Christmas Arachnids

Christmas Spider

“An old European Christmas legend tells of a poor woman unable to provide the traditional decorations for the special holiday. A spider made his home in her tree and began to spin beautiful webs. On Christmas morning, the first light of sun struck the cobwebs, turning them to silver. When the woman awoke, she found the tree was covered with silver treasure. The spider had brought good fortune!”

Other versions claim it’s a German or Ukrainian tradition, and that either the Christ Child or Santa transformed the webs. Although I grew up in an area with a large German population, I never heard the story and can’t find an original source.

Yet, there IS such a creature called a Christmas Spider.

[Image found here.]

Saturday Matinee – Spider Psych, Wanda Jackson & Ubizmo’s Ocarina

Spider face-off [via].

Wanda Jackson was an early rockabilly star / rock and roll pioneer with recordings spanning over 50 years, 1958 – 2012. REALLY.

Ocarina virtuoso Ubizmo performing “Tam Lin (aka Glasgow Reel).”

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The .Gif Friday Post No.253 – Bathtub Spider, Human Face Development & Happy Ray

[Found here, here and here.]

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