Rockin’ Wanda

Rockin' With Wanda

“A collection of great country songs in the rhythmic singing style of WANDA JACKSON.” I thought it might be a ripoff record of Wanda Jackson covers due to the subtitle. Apparently not. This was her 2nd album, recorded in 1960, and she was featured on yesterday’s Saturday Matinee as well.

[Found here.]

Saturday Matinee – Spider Psych, Wanda Jackson & Ubizmo’s Ocarina

Spider face-off [via].

Wanda Jackson was an early rockabilly star / rock and roll pioneer with recordings spanning over 50 years, 1958 – 2012. REALLY.

Ocarina virtuoso Ubizmo performing “Tam Lin (aka Glasgow Reel).”

And with that, we’re out, as we wait for our old pc to come back from surgery after a debilitating bout with Mr. Stoopid. Have a great weekend, and we’ll be back regardless of Mr. Stoopid tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – Dinocuts, Wanda Jackson, Louis Prima & Betty Boop, Spotniks and Ricky Skaggs

Awesome marketing concept, but it targets the wrong people, unless you’re into shrinkwrap. Nice appropriate soundtrack, though.

Wanda Jackson! Who says women can’t do rockabilly?

Whoever did this Betty Boop / Louis Prima mashup gets a hat tip from me.  Whoa. Hold on there. Looks like it’s time for some Spotniks!

Yep. The Spotnik’s Theme from 1963, a band from the UK, sounding an awful lot like lots of other bands from 1963.

Let’s wrap this up with some awesome gospel from Ricky Skaggs, the greatest mandolin player since Bill Monroe. Have a great weekend folks. See you back here tomorrow.

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