5-Card Nancy Solitaire Online!


How much Zen can you tolerate in one game?  Try it out for your own selves and you’ll see what I mean.  Choose 5 cards, then explain the sequence.

Trial No. 1

Nancy has a nightmare that is transmitted to Sluggo. Sluggo reflects it back to Nancy via a hand-cranked meat grinder.  Nancy wakes up and takes a walk to a barn that has a secret message painted on it.

Trial No. 2

Sluggo gets a job, and Nancy says she’ll stop by to distract him, but she is temporarily blinded. She prays for her sight to return. She turns her hair bow red while she plans her day, then turns it white again. A man notices that Nancy smells funny (as does Sluggo), so Nancy goes to visit her imaginary friend Tom. Following Tom’s advice, she eye-spits into Aunt Fritzi’s vegetable garden.

Trial No. 3

Nancy hallucinates that her notebook is a crayon. She finds her crack pipe and creates many small universes in her mind, until her Aunt Fritzi calls her to the living room.  Nancy wanders for miles to find her Aunt.  She ends up in a hardware store where she orders some chainsaws.  While waiting, she dreams that she can magically suck bocce balls from her piggy bank with her magnetic fingers.


[PLAY HERE.  Related stuff HERE & HERE.]

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