New Year’s Eve 2021

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Dhakkan Cruiser

Dhakkan Cruiser

‘Dhakkan’ in Hindi means a lid, it’s also a slang word used to call someone an ‘idiot’ or ‘stupid’.

Self constructed and designed by the orphans of Mumbai from the junk available in the slums and the industrial wastelands.

I designed this keeping in mind the scrap that could be available like, canvas cloth, wooden planks, jet engines, chariot vehicle parts, streetlights, etc. Special features: Thrust pod / eject pod. Designed for rapid pursuits and capturing drones & other gang-war vehicles.

Dimension: 16mts x 5mts approx.
Construction: Scrap material, basic steel framework.
Armament: Laser blasters

Artwork & description by Kushal Tikle [found here].

The Red Chair

[Original image at top found here. The others are mine because I got bored one night. It happens.]

You Are Here. Or Not.

Uranium Atom’s Tightly Clustered Core Is the Main Source of Atomic Energy
Shown in Boston’s Museum of Science, this model depicts radioactive uranium 235, whose nucleus contains 92 protons and 143 neutrons. Nonfissionable uranium 238 carries three additional neutrons. Both are isotopes, or variants, of Nature’s heaviest element. Balls bunched in the center represent the protons and neutrons, which are mysteriously bound together by atomic energy’s terrific force. Splitting of the nucleus releases energy far greater than that of any chemical reaction. Wire-strung balls swinging like planets around a sun represent uranium’s 92 electrons. Hydrogen, in contrast, has one. True scale would place the outermost electrons 3,000 from the center.

[Image ca. 1954, with caption, found here via here.]

1955 Tighty Whities

“In 1955, Jockey Briefs ran an ad campaign featuring young boys shoving guns into their underwear.  The image on the left is via, who says that it ran in Woman’s Home Companion; the one on the right is from eBay.” Posted By: Alex – Sun Oct 13, 2013

I spotted the ad on the left somewhere recently, thought it had to be a photoshop due to recent events. Nope. It’s legit, and there were no riots at Kenosha Elementary on that day.

[Images and caption found here. The link in the caption is dead, but I left it as I found it.]

Ichorescent Hot Links

Turn Your Head, Little Darlin’, Red Ingle & His Orchestra (1950) Ernest Janson”Red” Ingle was an American musician, singer and songwriter, arranger, cartoonist, caricaturist, pilot, leather carver and saddle maker from Toledo Ohio. He is best known for his comedy records with Spike Jones and his own Natural Seven sides for Capitol.


Dear Mr. Watterson.

The Porcelain Unicorn [via].


The Great Barrington Declaration.

The Color Survey ResultsNobody can spell “fuchsia”.

She was the highest paid film star in the world in 1937.

[Top image found here. I believe those are 1938 Opel Kadetts, but the location and circumstances are anyone’s guess.]

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Christmas Eve

Abandoned railway station in Leary, Georgia. Carla Parris, photographer.

[Image found here.]

Update: Here it is on Google Maps Street View if you’re curious.

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