New Year’s Eve 2021

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I received 10 unordered face masks from the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) today. They’re promotional, and include a request for donations.

Made in China.

Executive Standard FZ/IT 73049-2014
Safety Class B ( it’s can contact with skin directly)
Fashion dust protection, sun protection thermal mask (not medical mask)
Attention This product can be used with multiple times, washable;
No protection against toxic gases
Effect: please use with caution for skin allergy

Typos are as they appear on the package.

Should I burn them?

Update: Here’s the response from AUSN:

I apologize for the packaging. In response to our COVID-19 survey which showed that the majority of our members were in need of PPE gear. We had hired a veteran owned company in Illinois to do the production and distribution of the masks. It was not until we received the tracking numbers once they were mailed to our membership that we realized they were not coming from the USA. They do in fact have the ability to insert a N95 filter which would increase the level of protection if desired further protection against the virus.
Thank for your understanding.


Now about those bacteria/virus-laden spit valves…

What’s more inane than that? Masks for pictures of people on freeway billboards.

[Top image via FB, h/t Paul Y. ]

Bunk’s Facebook

These are the best ones. The other eight faces suck. [Found here via here.]

BTW, now that the New Year is sputtering to a start, we’ve started a Tacky Raccoons FaceBook Page.  I’m new to the FaceBookage, but staff is assisting me with this new timewaster. See you there!

Cheetos Sculpture Update


Paris, Hilton (Strutts News Services) – The Cheetos sculpture featured here a coupla days ago has since been dismantled, piece-by-piece by an expert team of engineers (above).

Each and every Cheeto of the sculpture was carefully numbered, and its position in the sculpture was meticulously recorded, in order to transport and reassemble it in other artistic venues.

Unfortunately, five members of UCHU Local 21 (United Cheetos Handlers Union) disassembled the entire sculpture within 45 minutes, but neglected to preserve the integrity of the inch-long building blocks.

UCHU spokesman Dion DiMucci of Belmont (2nd from right in back) stated, “We were hired to dismantle it. Nothing in our contract said we couldn’t chew it down.”

Now for the weather: Scattered litigation, with payoffs, is expected.

[Photo via MiniatureBrainwave.]

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