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Saturday Matinee – Country Blues Edition, With Furry Lewis, Belton Sutherland, and Taj Mahal Hosts A Documentary

“If you want to go to heaven when you D.I.E.,
Put on your collar and a T.I.E.
If you wanna scare a rabbit out an L.O.G.,
Just make a little sound like a D.O.G.”

That’s Furry Lewis playing slide on “Kassie Jones,” a song he recorded in 1927. The video is from 1968. A few years later Joni Mitchell met with him and recorded “Furry Sings The Blues” in tribute.

Lewis despised Mitchell’s song and demanded she pay him royalties. “She shouldn’t have used my name in no way, shape, form or faction without consultin’ me ’bout it first. The woman came over here and I treated her right, just like I does everybody that comes over. She wanted to hear ’bout the old days, said it was for her own personal self, and I told it to her like it was, gave her straight oil from the can.”

Belton Sutherland was a Mississipi Delta bluesman. There is no Wiki article for him and little other information about him on the internest. There’s no entry for him in Lawrence Cohn’s “Nothing But The Blues” either. Sutherland was filmed in 1978 by Alan Lomax at Maxwell’s Farm, near Canton Mississippi.

A story about Lomax’ filmAmerican Patchwork” includes one mention:

“…Lomax rounded up folks even he hadn’t heard of, like Mississippi bluesman Belton Sutherland–a master musician who appeared during Lomax’s session with another singer and asked to ‘try’ the guitar.”

That’s a great documentary about Country Blues, hosted by the great Henry Saint Clair Fredericks.

For those of you who find the rough roots of The Blues too tough to listen to, here’s a a WTF moment for a cat instead.

Have a great weekend folks, and we’ll be back tomorrow with more odd funnies.

Cheetos Sculpture Update


Paris, Hilton (Strutts News Services) – The Cheetos sculpture featured here a coupla days ago has since been dismantled, piece-by-piece by an expert team of engineers (above).

Each and every Cheeto of the sculpture was carefully numbered, and its position in the sculpture was meticulously recorded, in order to transport and reassemble it in other artistic venues.

Unfortunately, five members of UCHU Local 21 (United Cheetos Handlers Union) disassembled the entire sculpture within 45 minutes, but neglected to preserve the integrity of the inch-long building blocks.

UCHU spokesman Dion DiMucci of Belmont (2nd from right in back) stated, “We were hired to dismantle it. Nothing in our contract said we couldn’t chew it down.”

Now for the weather: Scattered litigation, with payoffs, is expected.

[Photo via MiniatureBrainwave.]

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