The 3D Gang

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 792 – Hosin’ Down the Bebes, Hydrophobic Splat & Beware the Tiddyfish

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Saturday Matinee – Biscuits & Gravy Revew, Olena Uutai, Reverend Peyton & The Terraplanes Blues Band

“It looks like vomit.”
“I’m so scared to try this.”
“It looks like a chopped up ferret.”

Born in Yakutia, Russia, Olena Uutai (Olga Podluzhnaya Uutai) pulls unearthly sounds from a  khomus, a type of jaw harp once played by tribal shamans of the far east. [h/t Pam M.]

Reverend Peyton got hold of a groovebox in 2018.

The Terraplanes Blues Band shows us yanks how to play Delta Blues.

It’s later than usual for this time of year, hope it’s still early where you are. See you tomorrow, and if I’m not here, start without me.

THE Family Photo

“My great-grandmother worked for a photography studio in the 80’s. She was watching us one day and decided to surprise my mother with professional photos of the three of us. This gem was one of the pictures. It’s safe to say that my mother never put this one in a photo frame and it’s the center of family laughter when we bring out the photo albums around the holidays. I love how my sisters look so cute in the corner of the photo while I am in a food coma floating in the sky.”

THE perfect office desk family photo.

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 782 – Tornado Time, Lip Gloss & A Facemop

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More Halloweenies here and here; h/t Nate L. for Freddie. Apologies for not keeping track of the other image sources. Click to enlarge the awesomicity.

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