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Saturday Matinee – Cup Song, The Wood Brothers, Leon Russell & Friends

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cup Song found here. Nice to see young folks learning a new trade.

The Wood Brothers sing about your trouble.

Leon Russell & Friends’ “Trouble In Mind.” The song dates to 1924 at least, and was recorded by Chippie Hill and Louie Armstrong in 1926 (and no, we’re not going to discuss the double entendres of the lyrics).

Here’s another great tribute to that classic song, featuring Barney Kessel, Tal Farlow, Charlie Byrd, Joe Byrd & Chuck Redd from 1988.

Have a great weekend, folks. May all your troubles be little ones, and all your little ones be trouble.

Potato/Carrot Weaponry 101

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Potato Gun_Dull Tool Dim Bulb 091030

[Plans above found here.]

Yep. That’s the way the old timers did it, but thanks to modern technology, i.e., the invention of the ballpoint pen, there’s an easier way, the way we did it in HiSkool.

Get a ballpoint pen with a brass ink cartridge, the skinny kind.  Cut both ends  (as the open end has a lip) with the cutter of your needle-nose pliers. Then with the pliers, make the ends round again. [Figs. 1 & 2]

Carrot Shooter

Take the tube to the sink, and run hot water over it to soften the ink.  Blow out the ink to clear the tube, and set aside.

Go find a wire coat hanger with a diameter that fits into the ink tube, and cut a straight section 1-3/4  times the length of the tube.

Now here’s the technical part. With your pliers, bend the wire into an “L” shape, with the longer leg just a tad longer than the metal tube.  [Figs. 3 & 4].

Got it? Now put your pliers away and get a thumb-sized piece of carrot. Take the tube and jam the end into the side of the carrot. Pull it out  at a slight angle, and you should have a nice little plug in the end of the tube.  Now do the same thing with the other end [Fig 5].

Insert the tip of the bent clothes hanger wire into one end of tube, pushing one of the carrot plugs in slightly.  Your weapon is now locked and loaded. Hold the tube with your first and second fingers, and push the plunger with your thumb.

By pushing one plug toward the other, pressure builds, and the end plug will shoot about 10 to 15 feet with amazing accuracy. The carrot “bullets” are about 1/16″ diameter x 1/8″ long.  Since only one plug pops, you still have one in the chamber, so you only have to re-load another primer plug to fire again.

Aim for the cheek or neck, not the eyes, on an unsuspecting victim ten or more feet away. A quiet pop, a bite of carrot wetness, and subsequent confusion is your reward.

[Next project:  Instant Metallic Farts. Remind me.]

The .gif Friday Post No.94 – Trouble in WorpDress City: Reanimating Animations UPDATED

Friday, 28 August 2009

[See update below.]

Folks, many of us who use WordPress noticed recently that our posted .gif animations won’t animate once posted, even though the animations work in the “Edit Post” view, like this one:

Inkwell Clown_Graphics Interchange Format 090820

The .gif file above and the one I posted below are from the same file, but the one below runs.  The solution is easy… unless you have several hundred .gif animations already posted on your blog, like we do.  I hope WP fixes the glitch.  TechTalk continues below, after the break.

Inkwell Clown_Graphics Interchange Format 090820

Quick! Run and tell WordPress!

bull clunk_Threadbombing

Meanwhile, here are a couple of Buttheads.

NOBODY can play the jukebox like Brando.

TechTalk below: (more…)

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