The .Gif Friday Post No.282 – Horsehands, Dog Catcher & Watermelon Squeezin’s

Horse Hands
Dog Catcher
Watermelon Blast
[Found herehere and here.]

At The Horse Barbershop

Horse Barbershop

Checking out the new do.

[Found here. If you didn’t notice, we’ve added an equine archive for all you horsiephiles out there. Let me know if I missed any.]

Rat Rod Hog

Rat Rod Farmer Hog

Oh, man, you just gotta click on that image to see the full size pic. One ride around the block and you’ve got callouses. I love it.

[Found here. More Rat Rods here.]

Saturday Matinee: Chicago Transit Authority, Buddy Guy; Mike Welch, Kirk Fletcher & Josh Smith

Chicago Transit Authority, the self-described “rock and roll band with horns,” from before they got all sappy.

Buddy Guy, one of the greatest living bluesmen, earned recognition the hard way. (I first heard this song on a freebee Tabasco promotional cassette in the 80s. Both sides were the same so you didn’t have to rewind it.)

This awesome 3-axe swamp-rock-blues jam featuring Mike Welch, Kirk Fletcher & Josh Smith should hold your attention for a while.
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, folks, see you back here tomorrow.

The .Gif Friday Post No.281 – Give ’em the hose

Police Dog Hosedown

[Found here, here and here.]

What the 2th Fairy really looks like.


That image has been sitting in my “What To Do With This” file for some time, and I’m really really sorry. For the younger set, there’s a much better story here. [Warning: It’s the longest running discussion about fairies I’ve ever seen, and it’ll take a while to download.]

[Image above found here.]

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