The .Gif Friday Post No. 787 – Jumpy Critters, Blockheadbanger & Swimming at 33rpm

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Saturday Matinee – Felix Semper, The Two Man Gentlemen Band, Batmobile & Hillbilly Moon Explosion

Felix Semper‘s paper sculptures are trippy as all heck, and the reason for it is even better. [h/t Suz P.]

Andy Bean & Fuller Condon, aka The Two Man Gentlemen Band, got some damn hot licks for having such clean hands.

Batmobile was founded in 1983:
After several months of covering Elvis Presley, Johnny Burnette en Gene Vincent songs, Jeroen Haamers (vocals/guitar), Johnny Zuidhof (drums) and Eric Haamers (double bass) decide to start writing their own material.
Best part happens at 1:17.

Hillbilly Moon Explosion is done with that truck but keeps driving anyway.

Okay, that’s it for now, gotta save something for then. See you tomorrow.

Humicubational Hot Links

Manhunt, Frank Weir and his Werewolves (1962) A dark suspect is spotted by a posse of rodeo clowns riding Shetland ponies and the manhunt is on. British orchestra leader Frank Weir had several hits during his career, but this tune wasn’t one of them.

The Painting.

Gator chomps it.

This is Awesome.

This is Pure Awesome.

This is Pure Trolling Awesome.

Not everyone wanted to be a Pepper.

Intro to Facebook 2009 – a commentary.

Hydraulic Press Girl [via Memo Of The Air].

And just where do you think you’re going?”

Remember those three circles [h/t Bunkerville].

I get email notifications whenever we get a new follower, and Admiral Bill made my day.

[Top image: The Cheetle. Story here, h/t Nate L.]

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Moose Wars

Mac the Moose, of Moose Jaw, Canada, was the world’s tallest moose sculpture at 32′-2″ until  he was dethroned in 2015 by a Norwegian chrome moose  (pictured above). He resides at a rest stop off the RV3 road in Stor-Elvdal, Norway, and stands 33′-1″ tall .

Residents of Moose Jaw were pissed, so they replaced Mac’s antlers with larger ones in 2019. Mac now stands at 34 feet tall. Here he is.

Mac attracted national attention in 2004 when part of his jaw fell off.

[Found here, stories here and here.]

Indiscerptible Hot Links

South In My Soul, The Farr Brothers (1947)Hugh Farr played fiddle and sang bass; his brother Karl played guitar. In 1934, the Farrs were hired by a group called The Pioneer Trio, who renamed themselves Sons Of The Pioneers. The group is still performing, with new members being added as the elders move on. More about the Farr Brothers here (.pdf download).

It’s Kamala!

Motorsport Island.

French fried guitar.

Taiwan blue magpie.
[h/t Bunkerville]

Canadian road rage.

Is the ‘Rona obsolete?

Mr. Natural wants to talk to you.

Lakeville Independence Day parades.

WATCH THIS amazing pole jump in full screen mode.

Here’s a transcription of Cripple Creek if anyone needs it.

[Top image found here.]

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Ark Nova, Japan

Ark Nova was created as a result of joint efforts of British sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese architect Arata Isozaki and it is the only inflatable concert hall currently in the world.

[Found here, h/t Gorehound.]

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