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Some days I sits and thinks and some days I just sits.

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Ark Nova, Japan

Ark Nova was created as a result of joint efforts of British sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese architect Arata Isozaki and it is the only inflatable concert hall currently in the world.

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The H.R. Giger Bar

H.R. Giger Bar …and Museum.
Château St Germain, Switzerland

Brain Salad Surgery, Emerson Lake & Palmer (1973) Cover art by H.R. Giger

Daytime Nighttime

The “Star Seeder” is a statue in Kaunas, Lithuania. During the day it goes unnoticed, but when night comes the statue justifies its title.

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Paludicolous Hot Links

Fatty Patty, Lee Pickett & The Screamers (1958) Lee Pickett (rhythm guitar and slap bass) joined up with Marvin Ross (lead guitar) and Paul Jennings (drums) and recorded Fatty Patty and She Left Me With The Blues in a Denver basement. Marvin recalled, “We only used ‘Lee Pickett & The Screamers’ for that one record & a few promotional bookings.  Jolt Records picked the name for us, but by then we had taken the name of the Blue Rhythms.”

There’s Bob.


Dance this mess around.

I can’t explain this illusion.

Star Maps and Stick Charts.

Small Rectangle Thump Tray.

Non-newtonian fluid on speakers.

Live report from Hoover Street [via].

Send your name to the moon on a thumb drive.

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Dolichopodous Hot Links

Don’t Look Back, Them (1965)Them, a garage-rock/blues band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, formed in April 1964 and had major hits the following year. George Ivan “Van” Morrison went solo in 1966; the band scored more hits and continued to record and perform into the 1970s.

Ka  ala.

Floor wax.

Guts & Butts.

Here come the Joros.

A McDonald’s secret.

Gonna be a long game.

Over the face and down the throat.

The Two Minutes Hate in the Dawning Age.

Everyone is affected by the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

[Top image: Ceramic sculpture by Steve McGovney (2014) found here.]

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Time to go WHAP

Drummer (1973) Sculpture by Karoo Ashevak (1940-1974)
Materials: whalebone, ivory, substantia nigra
Inuit sculpture, Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal

Ashevak’s whalebone sculptures were inspired by stories of shamans and spirits he learned during his childhood. He began carving in 1970 but was only able to create art for four years – he and his family died tragically in a fire in 1974.

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Deipnosophical Hot Links

Just Wailin’, Louie Myers & the Aces (1956) Originally titled Just Whaling on Chicago’s ABCO Records. The Aces were also known as the Chicago Aces, the Four Aces, the Three Deuces, the Three Dukes, and the Jukes,  depending who they were backing. The prolific session group was comprised of brothers Louis and Dave Myers and Fred Below [BEE-low] and backed many great Chicago blues artists.


Can’t Help Myself.

Hatin’ on the brush.
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Inexpensive video effect.

In 2015 a monk was stolen.

Samuel Rowbotham, proto-troll.

37 years ago four men saved NYC.
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More from the Streets of Philly, and why some are hunched over.

Me showing Hurricane Irma all the memes we made about her.”

Then somebody said, “Let’s use by the beard of the prophet’ because that’s what Muslims say.”

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